Friday, September 5, 2008

The Trooper from Troopergate Speaks

Unflattering details are emerging about Michael Wooten - the former brother-in-law of Sarah Palin - and his conduct as both an Alaskan State Trooper and as a father who tasered his eleven year old son. Wooten, who has repeatedly been admonished throughout his career as a state trooper, confirms he did in fact taser his own son in some kind of demonstration incident, as well as to the illegal killing of a moose.

Sarah Palin is under investigation for allegedly pressuring Alaska's Public Safety Commissioner Walter Monegan to terminate trooper Michael Wooten. When Monegan refused to comply, he says he was fired from his position. The Alaska legislature is now conducting an inquiry into the situation to see if Governor Palin used her office illegally and unethically.

Folks, this guy makes me very, very suspicious. It's hard for me to believe anyone in Alaska would want to save his hide.


paramedicgirl said...

If that's the only 'dirt' they can dig up on her, she will sail away just fine. I'm sure they won't stop trying to make her a public spectacle though.

Katie Alender said...

The facts of the matter will work themselves out... however, it's a good reminder against things like bitter custody battles, tasering children, and illegally killing moose. Behave yourself, because you just never know when your ex-sister-in-law is going to run for Vice President.

Tracy said...

tasering your child or any child for that matter.. insane!!