Thursday, September 18, 2008

Love those Canadians!

We all have that song or songs that when listened to make us nostalgic for either our childhood or for some period in our lives we wish we could go back and revisit. Even if you are not prone to bouts of sentimentality you can still find yourself reflecting on the chronicles of your life, revisiting the memories of a distant friend, departed loved-one, or scenes from your childhood with bittersweetness. It could be a slow tune or a fast tune - it's how we make the connection between the sound and the recollection.

Although debuted before I was born, these are two of my favorite early 1970's hits by their Canadian artists.


Tracy said...

Gordon Lightfoot.. love, love, love his music!!!

paramedicgirl said...

I've never heard of the Stampeders, but of course every Canadian knows who Gordon Lightfoot is. Tom have you heard Theo Tams? He is the newest Canadian Idol winner, (boy, I hate that term, Idol). Anyway, he is a really good musician and singer, better than most. You can catch his "Sing" hit single on You Tube.

Shirley said...

Tom, Gordon Lightfoot wrote a song called Black Day in July. Have you ever heard it? It's about Kent State University back in the 60's.

Tom in Vegas said...


Can't say that I have. But now that you've mentioned it, I most certainly will.