Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I LOVED this movie when I was a kid, despite the fact I had to sneak behind my parent's back to see it. There are so many funny parts to this film that I know I'm omitting a few you feel should be here.


Diva Mom Vicki said...

The guy who directed Airplane has a new movie coming out next month that looks hilarious:

Airplane is a classic! Thanks for posting the clips.

Adrienne said...

I've hear Americancarol is very good.

I loved airplane, too! Another outrageous, not for kids movie is Used Car with Kurt Russell and Jack Warden. Since I sold cars it had me rolling on the floor! It was all so true!

Chris said...

I love the first clip- I happen to work at the famous clinic that is mentioned. ;D
I haven't seen that movie in forever!

Rita said...


Sure picked a bad day to give up blogging...

Terry Nelson said...

I love this film too - Tom you and I must be exactly the same age!


Melody said...

I loved Airplane. I'm such a Bad Mom, I let my kids watch it.

Cathy_of_Alex said...

One of the best movies ever! "Stewardess: I talk jive" LOL! The blow up doll and then the cigarettes! "I picked a hell of a day to quit drinkin'" Oh, I could go on and on. LOL!

Tom in Vegas said...


Looks like American Carol is a MUST see! Poor Michael hoo. LOL!

Auntie A-

I’ve heard of the film Used Car but never got around to see it. Do you recommend it? If you do, I'll go out and buy it.


No way! You work at the Mayo Clinic? You should use some of the lines from the film at work. See how many of your co-workers you can annoy:0)


Touché! Good one:0)

Terry, I mean, Ken-

Looks like we have similar taste in movies, but not dolls:0) I like my dolld more G.I.Joe. ROFLMAO.


You are not a bad parent for letting your kids watch this film. I think I may have been over-protected, I don't know.


My gosh! I'll be you know every line in the movie, and possibly even went so far as to submit corrections to the screenwriter to make the movie even funnier. LOL!

paramedicgirl said...

Leslie Nielsen is so ridiculously funny, you gotta love him! Airplane was a fun movie.