Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Medjugorje Deception?

Are the Medjugorje apparitions a complete fabrication? Sources at close proximity to the manifestations - as well as to the visionaries - seem to think so. Allegations that the Medjugorje apparitions are a hoax have circulated for quite sometime, but now there seems a to be Vatican crackdown on the unsanctioned shrine of Medjugorje, beginning with the suspension of two of the priests who acted as spiritual advisers to the recipients of the Marian messages. Father Jozo Zovko was suspended by Bishop Peric in 2004, and Father Tomislav Vlasic, who is facing a host of accusations based on misconduct that also include the fathering of a child, has been removed to a Franciscan monastery under the pains of excommunication. (source)

Outside the sphere of clerical misconduct, the apparitions themselves have been under scrutiny for quite a while. You can find both laity and clergy supporting and attempting to debunk the statements made by the seers who claim they have experienced Marian visitations since 1981. Some of the reported messages by the six visionaries have simply been too outlandish to win over any of their detractors. (source)


Terry Nelson said...

Very good post - I'm always tossed back and forth on this subject while I try not to express any opinions until the Church rules on it. Your last source cited is indeed interesting - such weird messages - based on that - I'd have to conclude it is deception - and kind of funny at that. "The people stepped on her veil..." Sheesh!

Tom in Vegas said...


If what the second source claims is true, then they have anthropomorphisized Mary, not to mention the Devine. It would just be completely made-up. I, too, am waiting for the Church to rule on this.

Shirley said...

I'm with you on this; whatever the Vatican rules will work for me. I don't worry much about seers and prophets, I have enough on my plate "seeing" my own way through life!

man_with_a_horn said...

Not so fast... All people make mistakes. You should consider:

1) The overwhelming good fruits of Medjugorje - coutnless healings, conversions, changed lives, people returning to the Lord, especially to regular confession. I personally owe so much to the Blessed Mother, who through Medjugorje, saved my life.

2) That Our Lady appeared to Bernadette at Lourdes the site of the town dump! And essentially asked her to make a fool of herself by washing in the water from the spring and by eating of the vegetation. God's toughts are not our thoughts, and his ways are not our ways...

3) Lastly please carefully consider who you migh be offending. Like Saul, you might find out it is someone who loves you very much.

God bless,

Mike in NJ

paramedicgirl said...

Wanna know something I seldom tell people? Mt reconversion to the Catholic faith came through a woman who places a lot of stock in Medjugorie. I read lots of books and "messages" about Medjugorie, fell in love with the Catholic faith, and then I turned into a Trad Catholic! The rest of them (my friends) are still charismatic believers in Medjugorie, but I started to doubt it about two years after I started going back to the Catholic Church. I don't discuss it with them anymore. It just doesn't get us anywhere.

Tom in Vegas said...


I, too, am having difficulty with the claims in Medjugorje. The sad part is that if this is in fact a complete fabrication, then these people don't know when to stop. We can guess with some accuracy as to why it has been allowed to continue.

BTW, did you hear the Agnus Dei (by Kilar) that I posted in "A Difference in Sound" and "9-11-2001" posts? It's the one we spoke about in a previous email.

paramedicgirl said...

Here's a Medjugorie joke for you guys:

The Holy Family was trying to decide where to go on vacation. St Jospeh said, "Let's go to Egypt." Mary said,"No, we've already been there." Jesus said, "How about Jerusalem?" Mary said, "No, we've already been there, too." Then St Joseph said, "Oh, I know, lets go to Medjugorie!" Our Lady said, "Yes! Lets go to Medjugorie! I've never been there before."

Tom in Vegas said...

Good one:0)

Melody said...

I've never been much into Medjugorie. But I have known people who said that it changed their lives; including one priest who said his vocation was inspired by a visit to Medjugorie. So I don't know what to make of it. If one's faith is sincere, even if misplaced, maybe God uses that for His purposes. But if the visions are false, then there is surely bad fruit being grown also.

Anonymous said...

OH TOM - why is it that when I post on a topic I get people leaving nasty comments and when you do everyone is nice and agrees with you??


I mentioned the same story in my Outrage column and somebody claimed that i was a person who wanted to "do away with apparitions".

not that I ever said that cuz I didn't.


nice to see common sense prevailing over on your blog even if it doesn't show up much on mine! HA!!

later all!