Sunday, September 14, 2008

Inhaling and No One Cares

How much should we be willing to forgive in terms of politics? How much of questionable practices on behalf of a public figure or elected official that may have taken place many years ago is relevant and worth mentioning in present-day political campaigns? During the Reagan administration Judge Douglas H.Ginsburg's nomination to the Supreme Court was shot down by a Democratic-controlled senate after it was revealed that he had used marijuana as a student in the 1960's. In a resent interview Senator Obama shamelessly admitted to "I inhaled...frequently" when he was a kid. Has the recreational marijuana use that stigmatized Judge Douglas H.Ginsburg and undermined his nomination to the Supreme Court become just one of those things crazy kids do?

Currently, many regular folks as well as famous celebrities unabashedly confess, with impunity, that they are regular marijuana users. If the current societal reaction is to let this type of thing go by without an uproar, does this not mean we are that much closer to legalizing pot here in America? In the political circuit, it has almost become politically incorrect to say you've never smoked marijuana.


ignorant redneck said...

I've smoked a lot of dope. I'll admit that to anyone who asks. but I only admit to it because 1--I was infamous for it, and 2--I need to be upfront about it, to keep from doing it.

Dope was one of the prime means I used to ruin my life, and that of those around me. Not the only one, but one of the prime ones. And I made no progress in my life until I quit smoking it.

I'd hate to see it legalized, but it's so prevelent that it's sorta like admitting you're not a virgin--no body cares any more.

Tom in Vegas said...


"I'd hate to see it legalized, but it's so prevelent that it's sorta like admitting you're not a virgin--no body cares any more."

You are absolutely right.

Jennifer said...

Just popping in to say hi!

I tried it once, when I was young and niave. Now that I know the effects of it I would never smoke it again. I am amazed how acceptable it is but cigarettes are not.

Tracy said...

I never tried it but my husband did for a huge part of his teen yrs and alomst killed himself in a car accident (he fell asleep at the wheel) scared him from ever doing it again. I have a fairly addictive type of personality so I figured I better not try it or I might not stop it.

Tom in Vegas said...


I think that if pot smoking takes off in this country as a legal, mainstream, American pastime, I can almost assure you that it would incite enough resistence on behalf of anti-smoking (not to mention anti-drug)groups to make it very difficult to sell in the open market. I would completely agree with that aim. Besides, with all the lawsuits they're still paying out from the aftermath of cigarette carcinogens, what company is going to invest in a product that is at least TWICE as harmful as tobacco??


Your husband is a smart man. Most people who tried it did so in their youth and eventually grew out of it.