Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Remember Melissa in your prayers

It breaks my heart to write this post about someone so young.

Melissa Hackney is fighting for her life. For the longest time, she has waged a courageous battle against lymphoma, with ups and downs throughout her conflict. Recently, she hit a significant down. Doctors have discovered anomalous cells in her lungs but are not sure if this is the result of pneumonia or a resurgence of cancer. Unfortunately, no biopsy can be performed because Melissa is too weak for such a procedure. And to make matters even more complicated, she recently suffered from a collapsed lung. Melissa is in her mid-twenties, loved by her family, with a life ahead of her. PLEASE PRAY FOR MELISSA. A simple prayer might be all that she needs from us.

There is also another way you can show your support. You can send Melissa a card to let her know we are all pulling for her. Please send them to the following address:

Melissa Hackney
c/o Strong Memorial Hospital
601 Elmwood
Rochester, NY 14642

Omnipotent and eternal God,
the everlasting Salvation of those who believe,
hear us on behalf of Thy sick servant, Melissa,
for whom we beg the aid of Thy pitying mercy,
that, with her bodily health restored,
she may give thanks to Thee in Thy church.
Through Christ our Lord.


Again I ask, pray for Melissa. Thank you and God bless all of you.


kris said...

My prayer has been said Tom...

Terry Nelson said...

I am praying.

Rita said...


uncle jim said...

on the wings of an angel, they're coming.

Shirley said...

A prayer to St. Peregrine for Melissa:
O great St. Peregrine, you have been called "The Mighty," "The Wonder Worker" because of the numerous miracles which you obtained from God for those who have turned to you in their need. For so many years you bore in your own flesh this cancerous disease that destroys the very fiber of our being. You turned to God when the power of human beings could do no more, and you were favored with the vision of Jesus coming down from His cross to heal your affliction. I now ask God to heal Melissa. Aided by your powerful intercession I shall sing with Mary a hymn of gratitude to God for His great goodness and mercy. AMEN

Tom in Vegas said...

You are all very kind to pray for Melissa. Thank you so much!

Kimberly said...

All of you are such strong pray warriors for our Lord. Thank you so much for your prayers. Please pray for Melissa as she is taken off the ventilator today. Her struggle will be ending, but her spirit will live on. Blessed be God!


Adrienne said...

That is so sad. Makes one take a harder look at their own life.

Prayers for the Melissa and her family