Monday, July 21, 2008


I've been tagged by Auntie A with a new name for a meme I had never heard before: Eweewe. No, not an owie. That's when you got a hurty in you wittle finger. A Eweewe (pronounced you you) is like most memes in that it comes with a set of instructions to follow, but this time the answers you provide are in reference to the person who tagged you. Did you like my baby talk?

Here's a brief intro:
A Eweewe is closely related to a Meme which gives you a chance to tell others about you. A Eweewe (pronounced you you and, according to an ancient tradition, sometimes written as Yuyu or even Uu) gives others a chance to tell you about you. Now that's simple enough, isn't it? And so worth doing!

Answer the following questions as they relate to Auntie A:

In a few words, explain why you find me so attractive as a human being.
Name two things you admire about me.
Name two more.

Place a tick if you agree:
I am dynamic: +
witty: ++
fun to be with: Never hung around you before:)
cool: +

Say something nice about me.

Well, now that the check has cleared, I can say something nice about you;0)

Any time you find a human being who is as honest and as straight forward as you are, I consider myself extraordinarily lucky. Free of any pretentiousness or politically correct nuances, since I've known you you've always told it like it is. I've never seen you sugar coat any of your convictions, nor tip-toe around anything controversial. Whether it be in the sharing of your own personal struggles, or in the declaration of your own viewpoints on any social issues, you shoot right from the hip. And despite this assertive disposition, you are compassionate and devoid of any hostilities towards people who think differently than you. That's a classy human being in my book.

Now, aren't those nice things to say about you? If you think I did O.K., please tell Tony to let go of my arm. I can't write one-handed. LOL.


Adrienne said...

Wow - Tony loves you and so do I....

P.S. We are working our way through season 5 of the Sopranos right now. Waiting for our next Netflix shipment. Tony is so conflicted. Such a great character.

Katie Alender said...

And she has a great little menagerie of animals. Don't forget that--cute pets!