Sunday, July 27, 2008

Crazies on TV

Sometimes I think stupidity overwhelms some people like an aggressive disease or virus. And just like some advanced plague, this type of loggerheadedness has no vaccine that can cure it or stop its advance. The following clips are of two individuals who are contaminated from the neck up, and, for all I know, remain in that condition to this day. I do feel sorry (and ashamed) that Pope John Paul II was subjected to this.

Looney toon #1:

Shaven Misbehavin' Sinead O'Connor, I believe, has been ordained in a schismatic Catholic group of some kind. After this SNL spectacle, her career went the way of the Dodo.


Thom said...

I didn't realize till watching that how terrible a performer ol baldie actually is!

Rebel without a cause, children, rebel without a cause.

Tom in Vegas said...


I agree! She is a very poor singer:0(

Tracy said...

not a fan of Ms O'Connor and her voice is nothing special.. I really am trying to be nice with this but she just rubs me wrong:(