Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Confession (gulp!)

Last weekend I made a promise on Terry's blog that I would attend confession this upcoming Saturday. I have every intention of keeping that promise despite the jitters that intensify as the day approaches. Quite frankly I NEED to go to confession. It has been a while.

I'm somewhat apprehensive about the whole thing. But why? I've been a Catholic all my life and I've been to confessions many times before and more than likely many times again.

The cowardly part of me looks back on that promise as a kick in the rear-end bearing my own shoe print. But the better part of me reveals that it should not have taken a public promise of any kind to drive me into the confessional to receive the sacrament of reconciliation.

A long time ago I attended confession and went through the process with a very kind priest. When the time came to say the act of contrition, I was so nervous I completely froze up. I can't even remember what came out of my mouth.

Anyway, don't feel sorry for me. This is good for the soul...literally. So there I shall be this Saturday.

Please, no cameras.



Adrienne said...

I believe as we get older we have a greater sense of shame concerning our sins. Our understanding of the effects on the Body of Christ has matured.

I quake before every confession and, trust me, the sins I commited before my 17 years in AA were waaaaaaaaaaaaay worse than anything I ever do wrong now.

I'm going to be waiting outside the confessional with a camera to capture forever your beaming face when it is over.

Don't forget to confess teasing Auntie Adrienne --- irregardless of your feelings:)

Hugs to Critter()

Jaimie said...

Confession has always been a positive experience for me. They are like mini counseling sessions. We have several priests and over the years I have been to them all and all are very nice. Don't feel like you are going to shock them. Believe me, they have heard it all. A really neat thing I found is that once a sin is confessed, it somehow loses it's power. Don't worry, everything will go well.

Adrienne said...

Hey dude ---- you've been blessed. Stop by my blog and get your blessing and then bless three others:)

Terry Nelson said...

I am praying that your confession will be awesome and that you will experience an extraordinary grace!

Tracy said...

Wow, you sound like me!! I was nervous about confession from my first time in second grade, the anxiety over it got so bad that at 18 I stopped going because it caused me such anxiety, well, that takes me to one year ago as I took my son Matt to his first confession with all the other second graders...Matt said to me "mom, if I can do it, I bet you can too" boy, those words hit me and I realized that if I expected my kids to do this I had to set an example, so I made myself go after my son was done.. I was so scared and I told my priest that and I told him how long it had been since I had gone... he was amazing and calmed me down and helped me through it.. I felt soooo good after that and so proud and such a huge burden was lifted... I have continued to go so that I don't let myself build up that fear again and I must say, each time it gets easier and each time I feel so good and renewed... so don't feel bad.. you are not the only one who gets nervous and anxious.. take it from someone who went 14 yrs between confession, lol!!

Tom in Vegas said...

Thanks everybody! I went, I confessed, and I feel a sooooo much better!

God bless all of you.