Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Cheese Nun

Ever heard of this video? I saw it a long time ago, so the details are somewhat sketchy. Sister Noella Marcellino is a Benedictine nun with an aptitude for making cheese. If memory serves right, she is armed with a PhD. in micro-biology, and has growing, intercontinental reputation as an established expert of cheese-manufacturing. Sister Marcellino applies her knowledge towards advancing the skills of inexperienced American cheese manufacturers.

One thing I vividly recall from the video is the abbey Sister Marcellino was from. These weren't your typical nuns from the Sound of Music. Some of them drove tractors on monastery grounds, and yet another nun was an arborist and was responsible for maintaining the trees. This nun repelled from them!


Terry Nelson said...

I saw it and enjoyed it.

Tracy said...

Yes, I remember this and I too enjoyed it, I wouldn't mind seeing it again and would like my kids to see it as well, thanks for reminding me of this show Tom!!