Saturday, December 22, 2007


Well, after completing my trip to the confessional I feel blessed, and I feel forgiven. As if that wasn't enough, Auntie Adreienne - trying to keep this boy busy and out of trouble - sent me a blessing of her own. I have included the image symbolizing this blessing in this post, and I have also added it to the sidebar of my blog with thanks to Auntie Adrienne. In return, I am to choose three individuals and send them my blessings.

These are my choices:

1) Tara at Loved Sinner

2) Tracy at Tracy's Simple Life

3) Jaime at Season of Singing

To learn more about the spreading of the blessings, click here.


I feel relieved that I was able to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation today. The priest, Father Cruz, was kind, compassionate, and did not make me feel uncomfortable in anyway. One thing I must mention, due to the hyperactivity of my NERVES, the wording of my confession never came out the way I had planned. Not that I failed to disclose anything I could remember, but rather the planned wording of my confession "tripped" over my jitters. But I know the solution to this problem. Rather than remembering how to disclose the sin, I'll just remember the sin itself.

May Christ Be Born in You,



Tracy said...

OH, Tom, you are too kind! Thank you very much, you are so sweet!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the blessing tom--you are so very kind. I am so happy you went to Confession--there is nothing better than to receive Grace from God. Once after going to Confession I had a dream that night about taking a bath and being all clean and sweet smelling--going to Confession makes you feel so good--the more we go, the more Grace we receive and it helps us live a more holy life--in a state of Grace.

Hope you have a very happy Christmas, and may our Lord Bless you always!

ukok said...

Thank you for participating in the bloggin' blessings. The response to it has been incredible. I'm glad you enjoyed taking part in it.

God Bless you!