Sunday, December 16, 2007

Christmas Party (With a brief insight)

I have two groups of friends. One group is made up of about five single guys and three married men. This group can be pretty notorious. They like to drink, they curse (a lot), and like to attend local dance clubs located inside the hotel and casinos here in Las Vegas. They are not a bad bunch of guys, but sometimes they get a little too rowdy and too loud, especially when liquor is involved. They keep trying to hook me up with people I don't care to date. One such effort was made a few weeks ago when my friend Steve arranged a date between myself and this (I must admit) very lovely woman. Everything about her was perfect except one thing: MAJOR SMOKER. Not to be offensive to anyone who smokes, but I simply cannot handle the toxic fumes. After I told Steve about my weighty objection, he blew it off and told me to continue seeing her and to "have fun and move on when you're tired of putting up with it." You'd think these guys would know me by now. I've known some of them since sixth grade and they know I don't work that way.

Then there is the other camp. This group of friends are the ones I attend services with and various other Church related functions. This is the group that I want to emphasize at this particular point in my life. They are typically older than I am, involved substantially in Church activities, and are committed to God and to practicing the faith. We are like one big family. In previous years we have lost some friends to cancer and to a number of other things and have suffered these losses together - as a family. Tonight, after attending a Christmas party that was put together by one of these friends, I took time out to reminded myself just how lucky I am to have them. Here are a few pics from the celebration.

Here is a picture of Father Phil and Jerri. Father Phil and I were in the same Discernment Group that was created by the Diocese of Las Vegas for serious candidates to the priesthood. I don't have to tell you which one of us had a change of heart.

Bob and Marilyn told me it took them two hours to put up this Christmas tree. It was quite beautiful, and if you can see how much stuff is on this tree they must have assembled it at breakneck speeds. It would have taken me probably a whole day (maybe more cuz I'm lazy) to complete it!

This was the dessert table. Oh, wonderful calories, who could resist thee? Not I...not I...

I did have a wine spritzer that one of my friends at the party made. I had a buzz that lasted almost three hours and could barely stand up straight. I'm such a wimp!

Let me finalize this post by saying that the first group of guys are not that bad. It's just that sometimes they can get a little too wild for my taste. One thing I do appreciate about them that I can never get away with the second group is their twisted senses of humor. I'm as bad as they are (if not worse). LOL!


Katie Alender said...

How have I never come to your blog before?? My bad. I'm dumb.

I sympathize in your plight between the two groups, although most of my friends are 30 going on 80. Perhaps in time, the partiers will slow it down and begin to appreciate the calmer pleasures of life.

Jaimie said...

I know what you mean about two groups of friends. Also the problems with dating major smokers when you are not one. Yucko! They sound like fun and it is good to have a serious, committed to God friends as well. To have friends as long as you have is such a blessing.

Jaimie said...

BTW, those desserts look fabulous!!

Tracy said...

I totally understand how you feel, my friends range from 30 to 80 (no kidding)I can't tolerate the smell of smoke either, I just become physically sick from it.
When I was having kids and my close friends were not it was very strange, we kinda drifter for several years and I made friends with older couples and couples who had kids and grand kids and that helped but I still missed my childhood friends and was thrilled when they married and had children as well... I think it is a life long process with friends and all kinds bring good things to your life, so you just love them where they are at and enjoy them all, you are blessed to have so many friends!

Tracy said...

by the way... from 30 to 80 yrs old (in case that was not understood)

Anonymous said...

Smoking--yuck! When we went to Amsterdam--I never knew so many people smoked--it was miserable. Not wanting to date someone who smokes--no matter how nice they are--can't blame you a bit.

Wine spritzer...mmmm...good! Christmas treats...mmmm....good! Hey, a bit of indulgence around Christmas--good!

Tom in Vegas said...


Thank you for understanding:)


Terry Nelson said...

Where is your photo?

I have several groups of friends... you know - for the various personalities inside me.