Saturday, March 6, 2010

Why call it a Vatican sex scandal??

It's been reported by various media sources that a member of the Italian government was involved in some kind of financial corruption, and that he also used a Vatican choir singer to arrange gay liaisons for him. Angelo Balducci, who is described as a "Gentleman of His Holiness", allegedly employed the services of Thomas Chinedu Ehiem, a Vatican chorister, to arrange meetings with men of his choosing.

What I find especially vexatious about the media dynamics surrounding this story, is that it's been reported as a VATICAN SEX SCANDAL. In other words, it's the entire Vatican, perhaps the ENTIRE Catholic Church, involved in sustaining and perpatuating this debauchery. You'd almost think the Pope was involved in the sorted affair of selecting men for his own people or for corrupt Italian government officials . The media (as always) takes those eye-catching buzzwords (Vatican, Pope, sex scandal, etc.) and run with it in the hopes of attracting more viewership. Don't these sleazy, neurotic, filthy smut merchants have better things to write about? Or at the very least, report the story (whatever the story might be) with accuracy and professionalism.

The title "Gentleman of His Holiness" is nothing more than a papal usher, which, if I'm not mistaken, is a non-paid position that is bestowed on the laity. Yes, I realize that the misconduct did occur and there is no defending it. But what some of my Catholic and non-Catholic friends need to realize is that this is NOT the behavior that the Catholic Church condones, not is it the conduct that the vast majority of Catholic laity and clergy engage in.

I'm so tired of this crap. Not just of the sex scandals that stigmatize the Church in the eyes of a few, but also of the media treatment of the Catholic Church. For you Church bashing Catholics- yes you who supposedly love the Catholic tradition but have to be shamefully reminded that the actions of this Italian official and member of a choir are not representative of the Church - shame on you! You talk like an outsider who has never seen the daily operations of this Church, or have never heard during mass the many admonitions and reminders of what God (NOT the Church) expects of you. Your vitriol is especially venomous and fifth-columnist, and I pray that you have the courage to find your spiritual home outside the Catholic faith.


Shirley said...

The media loves to attack the Catholic Church, and there are always people who will listen. Hopefully, there are many more who can see through their manipulation.

Tracy said...

I too am tired of it!!