Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's Getting Closer

This part of the country doesn't really get a spring season. Instead, we have what one might call transitional weeks, in which winter retreats and gives way to the searing heat only a scorching Nevada summer can inflict you with. I shouldn't complain, however. Some of you poor folks are still getting belted by winter storms so close to the official start-day of spring. Today, the weather here is a balmy 65 degrees.

It's almost here, summer that is. It will arrive. May as well usher it in with a summer tune.

Checkout this YouTube video. It contains photography by some very famous artists/ photographers that may make someone who lived during these times a bit nostalgic. I LOVE the picture taken by Roy DeCarava that comes into view at 7:34 in the video. Does that look like Chicago or New York to you? Either way, for me it's the quintessential 1940's/ 1950's Gotham imagery. Also, I must confess beforehand to not being well versed in the lives of any of the photographers whose work is featured in this video.

1 comment:

jessica said...

Wish I was there. It's 40s and raining in Indiana.

Those pics were AMAZING!! I love old black/white pictures. I'm gonna go with New York, just my guess. :)

Thanks so much for posting the vdo, I'm gonna come back and watch it a few more times. :-)