Friday, March 19, 2010

Faithful Servant St. Joseph

He was a compassionate, caring man. He is a model husband that men in today's society should aspire to imitate. He was a humble and faithful servant, concerned not about himself, but for the family God gave him to look after. It's believed that by the time Jesus entered his public ministry that Joseph might have already been deceased. He is the Patron Saint of the Universal Church.

From the video:

"Joseph is helping to create the instrument most needed for the salvation of the world."

Beautiful words that are referencing St. Joseph's paternal love in the raising of his son, Jesus. Even more beautiful when you consider that as a carpenter, he has a natural disposition to create things.

If you have time, check out this short video on St. Joseph.


Shirley said...

St. Joseph is one of my favorite saints, and I pray to him every day. Good video, Tom.

Tracy said...

Great video Tom, Happy Feast Day!!

Mike and Kim said...

Love Joseph! At Mary Immaculate the first graders are responsible for Mass on his feast day...they invite their dads and it is really moving. Mike's brother sang a song at church during Christmas where the words were from his perspective...incredible. I love how our church gives him, and many others, truly, such honor.

Great post!