Thursday, August 14, 2008

Oh Joy!

Guess what, guys! When I was browsing iTunes yesterday I came across the most marvellous vista ever. You have to SIT DOWN first before continuing to read.

Okay, are you sitting?


Here goes, New Kids on the Block is coming out with a new album this September!! Isn't it just doggone terrrrrrrriffic! Finally some good news in an otherwise bleak and dark world.

Welcome back Donnie, Danny, Joey, Jordan, Jonathan!! The world went to hell since your last album.

So what if they are mostly old men, they will always be New Kids on the Block to me. Yay!

I can just see myself running across a sandy beach, with my hair braided and beaded, and my arms stretched out, ready to embrace their album cover.

I'm especially a huge fan of the New Kid with the horse face.

Disclaimer: I like horses, and I prefer horse faces on horses. Thank you.


Katie Alender said...

Good heavens, I can't even tell them apart anymore. I'm guessing Danny, Jon, Donnie, Jordan, and Joey? But what happened to Joey? He looks like a character from a mafia movie.

Tom in Vegas said...


I have no idea which of these is Joey or Foey or Shmoey or Bart. The only thing I know is that the first guy on the left eats hey.

Rita said...

I must tell my little sister, she'll be soooo pleased, especially if I embarrass her in front of her city slicker friends....

All of them look like they're having difficulty digesting whatever they've eaten!

Fr. Erik Richtsteig said...

Ever see the "Enter the Fat One" skit on Robot Chicken?

Katie Alender said...

Let's see... I am only an expert on dog breeds, so that's as far as I can go.

the crazy bat-faced Affenpinscher
the earnest Borzoi
the suspicious Chow Chow
the vizionary Vizsla
the cycnical ("I've been hurt before") Yorkshire Terrier

Katie Alender said...

Now come on, did I call the Vizsla or did I call it?

Tom in Vegas said...


If you ate hey wouldn't you have trouble digesting, too?

But look at the last three guys on the right. Are those not mysterious stares? Doesn't it make you stop and say, "Wow, these guys are so mysterious." LOL!

Oh, Rita, shame on me for knocking on these New Kids. They've done nothing to me...except make bad music.

I'm bracing for the Backstreet Boys and Nsync reunions. You know that’s coming .

Father Richtsteig-

No, I've never seen an episode of Robot Chicken but I hear they are pretty hilarious. I should get around to it, specially if they are knocking on the New Kids.

BTW, I heard the one named "Joey" is Catholic.


LOL! But I hate to compare them to dogs since, like you, I'm a dog lover:0)

Tracy said...

I liked them then and I like them now.. I'm happy!!