Sunday, August 24, 2008

Beauty Contest for Nuns

An Italian priest in Rome is organizing an Internet beauty contest for Catholic nuns. Dubbed the "Miss Sister 2008", Father Antonio Rungi believes that by holding this type of contest the sisters will gain more publicity and simultaneously shatter misconceptions of what life as a nun is like. The contest is slated for September of this year. (source)

I think the efficacy of this "contest" will depend entirely on the way the organisers handle the execution. If it becomes superficial, egotistical, or pits one nun against the other (unbelievable, isn't it?), it will undoubtedly do more harm than good.

Also, might some nuns consider this demeaning? After all, I have heard of no contests evaluating the exhibition of priests and brothers within a competitive context, no matter how beneficial the objective might be.


Therese said...

Not sure what I think of this. I think someone should ask Sr. Mary Martha if she is entering.

Shirley said...

I vote for Mother Theresa! Seriously, this is an evil thing. I can't believe that the bishop is allowing this! How can this possibly contribute to the spiritual well being of nuns? Since when do nuns need publicity? And who cares about public misconceptions? Aren't we told that to value human respect is sinful? Is that priest aware that he is creating the occasion of sin for them???? AAAARRRRGGGHHH! (End rant)

Adrienne said...

It sounds stupid to me.

Stop by and get your birthday wishes......

Rita said...

Happy Birthday to Auntie A's favourite cyber nephew and a true blogging gentleman!

Best wishes and have a great year!

kris said...

WTF? Seriously. There are FAR more constructive ways to draw attention to the life of a nun, wouldn't you think??? This is ridiculous and I hope nuns make their voices heard in protest.

RJW said...

"organizers handle the execution..." Let's just execute the organizers. Happy Birthday!!!

Tom in Vegas said...


Sister Mary Martha is an excellent source to consult about this matter. If you haven't brought it up to her yet, I will.


Everything you said - including your frustration - hits the nail right smack on the head. It does seem to be counter intuitive to some of the core Christian principles many devout Catholics have fervently adhered to for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Auntie A-

What can I say? You're so darn nice and thoughtful:0) See the comments I left you on your blog.


Thank you! (Pssssst...I'm sending you the check tomorrow for saying all those nice things) :0)


If this is as unsavory as it appears to be, you are most correct. There are more constructive AND appropriate ways to inform people about the life of a nun.

Tom in Vegas said...


LOL! And thank you.

Terry Nelson said...

I was going to post on this too... such a dumb contest.

Happy birthday Tom!

Tracy said...

there are simply no words.. just dumb!

Anonymous said...

There actually is something as similarly nauseating for priests call the "Father What-a-Shame" calendar, or something like that moniker. I saw it online a couple of years ago and readily admit the priests photographed were all young and *very* easy on the eyes; a true testimony to the beauty of God's creation.
It is all highly degrading, whatever the lofty goals. Vanity is inherent in any such 'contest', plain and simple.