Sunday, August 10, 2008

Beata viscera

Okay, I know it's not Christmas or the Annunciation, but this chant can't wait till then to be posted. This particular piece - called "Beata viscera" (Blessed is the womb) - was written by a man named Perotinus Magister (also referred to as Perotin), who was a French composer who lived almost nine hundred years ago. This beautiful chant is characterized by austerity, profound meditation (listen to the "humming" in the background) and concentrated prayer.

The times that I've heard this chant in the past, it has been performed by a counter-tenor. This is the first time I've heard it with the tenor voice at the helm.

By the way, Perotinus Magister is just about the coolest name I've ever heard.


Tracy said...

you always find the very coolest videos on you tube!

Tom in Vegas said...


The key is to know good music first, then hope you can find it in places like YouTube. There are MANY more I know but can’t find a corresponding video to go with it.

I love this chant. And to think of the crap some people play in mass.

Shirley said...

Tom, thanks for posting such great music.One of the saddest things about the NO Mass is that young people are not exposed to chant. How are they supposed to find out about our rich musical heritage in the church? Keep up the good work!