Sunday, February 3, 2008

Why do they all come here?

I know that Las Vegas has the regrettable epithet (used successfully as a marketing tactic) of Sin City. The image of 24/ 7 availability of just about anything you can think of (and a few things you can't!) has attracted the company of unsavory and/ or wealthy individuals looking for a good time. But we're not just casinos, liquor, gambling, and adult entertainment. We have schools, churches, parks, theaters, recreational areas, grocery stores, shopping malls, and businesses that have absolutely nothing to do with the casino or adult entertainment industries.

Having said that, we still entice some of the most notorious and unscrupulous individuals circulating in our society.

- O.J. Simpson
- Tupac Shakur
- Mike Tyson
- Steven F. Zegrean - Opened fire inside the New York New York on July 6th of 2007
- Adult film star convention
- Jack Hazen - 1976 Florida jail escapee; lived in Las Vegas for 23 years before being caught
- It is also reported that five of the hijackers in the September 11th attacks (good and holy Muslims) met inside the Olympic Garden Topless Cabaret here in Vegas. FBI reports they made about six trips to Sin City before carrying out their lethal attacks

Even our current mayor, Oscar Goodman, has a shady past since he acted as defense council for influential mob figures like Meyer Lansky; Nick Scarfo; Natale Richichi; Charles Panarella; Philip Leonetti; Jamiel Chagra; Frank Rosenthal; Allen Glick; "Tough Tony" Spilotro, with whom he developed a special friendship; and the Civella crime family: brothers Nick and Carl "Cork"; Carl's son, Anthony "TonyRipe"; and Carl "Tuffy" DeLuna. (from GSTING Blog)

Don't get me wrong, folks, Las Vegas does have a safe and wholesome component to its makeup. It's the scandalous and the opprobrious that garner all the attention and stigmatize the city.

Doesn't Minnesota or Utah need some of these guys? LOL!


Adrienne said...

Back in the “good old days”, St. Paul, Minnesota was the safe city for all the good gangsters. The gangsters were allowed to hang out as long as they didn’t do any of their deeds in the area. They checked in with the chief of police at a place called the Green Lantern (a bar) that was just down the block from my Dad’s bar.

I remember the Green Lantern but, of course, the gangsters were pretty much gone by the time I came along. After dances at St. Thomas, my Mom (good Catholic girl) and her friends and their good Catholic boyfriends would go to speakeasy’s where the gangsters checked their guns at the front door.

So don’t go claiming all the “bad” guys – Minnesota has had their share.

Tom in Vegas said...

Auntie A-

So you had "classy" bad guys. I guess we get a buffet of degenerates:(

My hope is to live somewhere in New England. I'm not sure where, but my dream setting has lots of trees, narrow cobblestone streets, rolling hills, sandy beaches, and cottages. And yes, I MIGHT even be married by then!

Oh, dreams, dreams, dreams.

"But it was just my imagination,
Running away with me..." LOL!

Jaimie said...

Sad but true, Tom. And the city's marketing slogan of "Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" does not help matters at all.

The Bay Area has had its share of problems, mostly of the hispanic gang related type. Gilroy too. In recent years it has all but disappeared here in town and alot more young guys are working and living happier, fuller lives. I don't really know how the change came about but I think a strong sense of their family and community played a part.

Rita said...

I live as a foreigner in a truly beautiful bit of England, but nobody from the neighbouring towns comes near. Everyone thinks the locals here have webbed-feet due to centuries of inbreeding.

We could do with a bit of excitement, we don't get out much.

Actually, I think you and the future Mrs Tom should come over here to live. Forget New England, have the real thing!

Tom in Vegas said...


You read my mind!!! LOL!

Tracy said...

NO, NO, Minnesota does NOT.. I repeat.. NOT need these guys!!!! We have had our share and I'm sure we still do.. a guy that lived only blocks from me killed a young college girl in 03, it made national news.. no, enough of that stuff for me for a long time!!

Cathy_of_Alex said...

No, we got enough characters in Minnesota: bloggers.