Saturday, February 9, 2008


I have heard many unkind words about the church of Scientology, and in other instances I've even joked - without any intended malice - about some of their perplexing assertions. One of their more irritable rationalisms is their uneducated attempt to debunk mainstream psychiatric practice. Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and Kirstie Alley might be phenomenal actors, but as Scientologists they are NOT qualified behaviorist or psychoanalysts. As I've read more about this institution, I get the impression that a "benefit" of being a part of the church Scientology is that it allows you to claim to be a part of a religion without having to be religious.

I am aware, and wholeheartedly agree, that some medications are abused and issued for reasons that are frivolous and gratuitous. This DOES NOT mean that some medications, when prescribed to the right patient under supervised, PROFESSIONAL medical care, do not have a beneficial psychological impact.

In is featured an article that reports of a group calling itself Anonymous. Its mission to dismantle the church of Scientology and expose the pernicious and destructive influence it says the church has over its followers. Here is the Youtube video of the clandestine Anonymous:

This is the video leaked from inside the church of Scientology that features Tom Cruise gloating over the many potentialities and accomplishments of his church. Much of what he says is in this video completely impossoble to follow, so here is a terminology key to refer to when he uses those enigmatic acronyms.

KSW = "Keep Scientology Working."
SP = Supressive People
PTS = Potential Trouble Source
BS = Most of what he says


Adrienne said...

Cruise is a mental midget and Katie is supposed to be Catholic. End of story.

Tracy said...

I agree with Adrienne!!!