Thursday, February 28, 2008

Christ Be Our Light

I have on more than one occasion detected a pattern of speech that describes God in the past tense. Quite without any malice intent, and perhaps done so subconsciously, many of us have the tendency to refer to God as ancient and erstwhile- the aforetime God of sacred scripture, who revealed Himself to our progenitors then disappeared during The Enlightenment. In this video, you hear Mother Theresa say that with our modern capacities we have the ability to do many great things. Subsequently, she says, we put God in the past without realizing "God is." The entire video is just over six minutes long. Please, be patient and watch it in its entirety.

*Her interview lasts just after two minutes and ten seconds. After which begins the song Christ Be Our Light by Bernadette Farrell. I’m sure many of you have heard the song before. I, for one, recall singing it but I can't remember when!


portal said...

quite right!

I've probably even done it myself in print though I actually do try to be conscious of that issue...

good post....


Tracy said...

Great Post Tom!!

Terry Nelson said...

Worried about the ricin - you have a dangerous job! Prayers.


(I know it is not your hotel - but it could be in the future.)

Tom in Vegas said...


No Racine where I work ...yet. Thank you for your concern.

I remember when a pop in the night made the news here in Las Vegas. Right now, one dead in a break-in or in a shoot out isn't news worthy most times.

I think I'm heading out to join Auntie A @ Adrienne's Catholic Corner and helping her with her garden! LOL! She's decent and kind, and appreciates good music:0)

"MissMeliss" said...

Love the video.

Jaimie said...

Thank you so much for posting this Tom. I needed it today. Every time I hear Mother Teresa speak I get tears in my eyes. She reminds me so much of Jesus.

Christ Be Our Light is a favorite in our parish and we sing it often at different times of the year.

Tom in Vegas said...


I know I've sang it in Church but I can't remember when and at which parish! LOL!

I'm an old man. Please be patient with me:)