Tuesday, February 19, 2008

What Next?

I think it's safe to say that the death knell tolls for Castro - if he isn't already dead. But what will his death mean to the island? Will his brother embrace democratic reform in the hopes of rehabilitating political relations with the United States? Or will he be as dictatorial and oppressive as the despot he succeeds?

My mother - some time ago - ended a fifty year childhood friendship with someone who spoke unfavorably of the United States while at the same time eulogizing the almost fifty-year domination of Fidel Castro. Yesterday, when I spoke to her, she had high hopes for the future of Cuba since Castro resigned the presidency, but I'm trying to keep her enthusiasm in check.

I have heard that his brother, Raul, has all kinds of perverse and disturbing idiosyncracies that he keeps well hidden from public view. Could this deviant be the crack in the wall of totalitarianism that lets democracy shine through in Cuba?


Rita said...

Is it too idealistic to hope that Cuba can be in charge of her own destiny, and that it doesn't depend on who the next president of the USA is?

Katie Alender said...

It should be interesting to see what happens... I hope for the sake of the people who live there that the next leader isn't a nutjob.

Tracy said...

I am very interested to see how things will play out, I hope and Pray that that the next leader is a better human for the sake of the people living in Cuba.

Anonymous said...

it would be nice to think that this is the beginning of the end of the communist regime there, but I don't think it is.

I think we will have to wait for this brother's demise too before we can hope for that kind of a crack to shine through.

who knows though?

Russia hasn't done a bang up job of transitioning, have they? When multiple generations have been raised on that system they don't know anything else. And even if they have a spasmodic instinctual reflex to reach for freedom, they don't know what to do with it. So, like Russia, those countries slip further and further back down to where they were before.

unfortunately, I think who ever gets in office DOES factor into how these things turn out. If it is someone (not to offend anyone here) like Obama who wants to reopen full relations with Iran and give Ahmedinajad voice and means to vent his grievances with the west.....well, what is to stop them from steamrolling whatever perverse plans they have through?

it's not like we'd stand in their way under those circumstances, hey?

same with Cuba.

what kills me is the hypocrisy that we have no relations or trade with them but CHINA, who is no better and maybe is worse is a Most Valued Trade Status nation.

actually I know the reason for that ---- but is is.....mmmm....bunk.

I pray for the best for Cuba. But I don't think this is the earthshaking thing it is made out to be. Don't think much will change anytime soon.....

Tom in Vegas said...


I agree with your assessment of Cuba. There will NOT be any political or governmental progression towards democratic reform any time soon. Too many dinosaurs still linger there.