Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Don't Hide

I sometimes wonder about the authenticity of the things people write on their blogs. I also find myself doubting the ferocity of their convictions, easily imagining them forsaking the side they defend and adopting the cause of the opposing majority when out numbered. Some people write about stuff other people want to hear and write it in a way those same people want to hear it. This reveals how politically correct their sensitivities are. That's not a good thing. You can state your convictions sternly but politely, without the need for vulgarities and other inflammatory phraseology, or by sugar coating the facts as you see them. To me, people like these are intellectually and morally feeble, and their claims can't be trusted by either side of an issue.

After last night's debate, I'm in a serious mood to thrash Obama (politically speaking) and say a few things about his judgement that some people may find offensive. I shall refrain from doing that until the right words come to me.

Now guess who's being politically correct?


Kathleen Miller said...

Well said Tom!

Steve said...

Don't make us wait too long.

Shirley said...

Can being charitable and stern at the same time coexist with political correctness? Or should you just get tough and drive them out of the temple?

Tracy said...

Great post Tom!!

Tom in Vegas said...

"Can being charitable and stern at the same time coexist with political correctness?"


For me "political correctness" is a facade, a mask, a politicking instrument that - again, from my perspective - is used to curry the favor of a certain group. It has a deceptively benevolent quality that, when used, implies “extra consideration” or appreciation for a certain demographic. I view political correctness and brown-nosing as one and the same.

I can speak frankly and not offensively at the same time. I can state my convictions adamantly without obliterating opinions that differ from mine, and without taking potshots at those who formulate those opinions. As a matter of fact, in many cases I’ve learned substantially from viewpoints that were contrary to mine despite the fact that I thought my rationale was foolproof.

Can you be charitable, stern, and politically correct simultaneously? I suppose, but it would be very unappealing. How about charitable, stern, honest, and compassionate? What a beautiful mixture is that! And, no, NEVER kick anybody out of the temple (although the “Landlord” did just that in Mark 21:12. Then again, he is the “Landlord”).

Terry Nelson said...

You got me there Tom! I'm always writing stuff to please people as well as stuff people want to hear. LOL!

Shirley said...

Yeah, that was a tongue-in-cheek comment, Tom.I agree with you; and always think that honesty is the best policy, even if it is unpopular.

Kimberly said...

I would love to hear what you have to say. My husband and I are the only ones in his entire family (a Catholic family as well) that supports Obama. My youngest sister-in-law volunteers for his campgain in Indiana while heading up the Catholic Social Justice committee at her parish. Anyway, she came home Wed. night from an Obama rally in Indianapolis all pumped up. She called my husband and left him a message that she just had to talk to him and convince him how great this guy is. Of course, he is ready with all his reasons why we/he don't support Obama--we support life and therefore, Obama is not the kind of man we want leading our country. By the way , can anyone tell me what he has done to show that he is ready to lead our country? He seems to be better suited to run Planned Parenthood rather than our country with his anti-life and parental rights take away. I would love to hear if you have anything else to add that we can help change the heart of a young Catholic wife and mother who has drank too much Obama kool-aid. Pray for all those CAtholics who think they are doing what is right when really they are going against what our Church, better yet, they are going against what Jesus teaches.
Thanks for you post Tom and have a wonderful weekend.

Blessed be God forever!

Kimberly said...

I meant that my husband and I do not support Obama; the rest of his family does. Boy, I really need to go to bed.

Blessed be God forever!

Kimberly said...

I meant that my husband and I do not support Obama; the rest of his family does. Boy, I really need to go to bed.

Blessed be God forever!

Kimberly said...
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Steve said...


This might help.

Steve said...

Oh, and for some entertainment go here:

Tom in Vegas said...

Hi Kimberly-

Let me start by saying that I'm in a similar position. My entire family is Republican, but I have a cousin in Maryland who is an impassioned Democrat, and even holds a position in the Maryland Democratic Party. She has organized rallies against George Bush outside the White House with her Democratic colleagues, and, although I haven’t spoken to her in a while, I’m sure she is actively working towards advancing an Obama presidency.

Obama has some very suspicious political connections. We (people in general) have been leery of these ties for quite some time, and they are now beginning to surface as something more than just a rumor of fabrications. His affiliations with ACORN, his friendship with some very dark supporters, his economic and social policies (his abortion views are deplorable), and I’m quite certain that he would weaken our military back to what it was during the Carter administration. Could I mention more and elaborate on what I’ve already written? Absolutely. But I don’t think it would give you the necessary tools to pry your sister-in-law away from the Obama camp. And the following summary explains why: A substantial number of Obama supporters are not drawn to Obama and his policies, but rather they are repelled from Bush. You have to admit that the war in Iraq is highly unpopular, subsequently neither is President Bush. As a result, McCain is stigmatized in the eyes of some voters by George Bush and these same voters fail to recognize a measurable difference between the two. When this phenomenon occurs, a substantial amount of people will seek the candidate in which they see less of what they dislike as opposed to views and qualities they agree with. Fair or not, this is what is weighing down on the McCain candidacy.

Your sister-in-law might not think that she is voting in favor of Obama as much as she may think she is voting against George Bush.

McCain is going to have to fight - and I mean fight like MAD - to separate himself from George Bush. Otherwise a good chunk of Americans will think that a vote for McCain is a vote for Bush, which the Obama camp is exacerbating and capitalizing on.

Take care.

ignorant redneck said...

Tom In Vegas,

I try not to be an a** on my blog, and usually fail. I actually adminre people who can hold their tounge.

I', working on it, but I have little talent for it.

Not to mention, from my socialization and background, I almost have a feeling of dishonesty, when I speak or write that way.

But, I'm working on it.