Sunday, June 15, 2008

Traitor or is this just a game?

Becky Hammon is a WNBA all-star who plays for the San Antonio Silver Stars. She recently generated great controversy when she decided to play for the Russian basketball team in this upcoming summer Olympics. She's been called a "traitor" by some of her colleagues, and lost favor with some of her fans. Becky states that it has been a life-long dream of hers to play in the Olympics, and that the American team had not asked her to try-out until after she had already signed up to play for the Russian team.

But is the criticism warranted? Is basketball nothing more than a game, and the critics mere over-zealots who need to calm down? Or is that sense of betrayal justified as she now becomes an athletics adversary to the American team, contributing to a potential American defeat, and subsequently to a Russian victory.

Yes, there is a cold-war overtone contributing to this story.

Two things that I know:

1) In some pics., Becky is pretty doggone good-looking
2) I'm NOT watching the Olympics


Adrienne said...

I think Becky should do what she wants to do. As for the American team? You snooze, you lose!

And I was thinking she was pretty cute, too!

Katie Alender said...

I'm with Adrienne on this--why would she take a chance on not competing? If the USA hadn't asked her at all, would it still be a controversy?

Or is it a case of wanting not only your own toys, but all the toys the other kids want, too?

Sister Mary Martha said...

If it's okay for all these Ruskies to play with the Lakers and what not, I see no problem with this girl returning the favor.

Tom in Vegas said...

Folks, I agree with all of you. Besides, even if prestige, egos, and millions of $ are involved, it still A GAME!

Sister Mary, you visiting my blog??? I never dreamed the day would come! Thanks for stopping by.

Tracy said...

Good post Tom:)
I have a new blog address, I got rid of my other blog, so you might want to switch it:)

jessica said...

Hi Tom!! Why aren't you watching the Olympics??

Tom in Vegas said...


I'm not watching the Olympics because I'm not going to personally endorse (by giving my time) ANY event sponsored by the ruthless, suppressive and oppressive methodologies of the Chinese government.

They are barbarians (the Chinese government, that is, and NOT the Chinese people).