Thursday, June 19, 2008

Shifting Gears

I'm thinking of getting one of these little guys as a replacement for my cantankerous 40 gallon contraption. But do men drive these?

I've read a little about the MINI Cooper, and it appears that it comes with side-impact airbags (which would be a must have for a car of this size), overhead airbags, 4-Wheel ABS, and miscellaneous add-on's that probably do nothing more than drive up the price. listed the MINI Cooper as one of top 13 most Fuel efficient cars.

Again I ask, is this a car men drive (even though in the video a man is driving)?

Let's face the facts, folks. This country - perhaps the entire planet - but especially this country, is in and energy transition. Fuel is going to continue to go up and up and up and it's NEVER going to come down to the 1980's price-per-gallon amount. Today, it was announced that China is finally raising it's gas prices, which in turn brought down the price of crude oil. But you know this dip in price is both fleeting and ephemeral. The staggering gas prices that we are paying now are less than what we will be paying next year.

Also thinking of the Toyota Prius.


Shirley said...

Back in the day, Mini Coopers were IN! I knew a guy who was 6ft. 6' who drove one. We used to watch him get out of it in awe; he had to unfold himself.

paramedicgirl said...

Tom, I would be more concerned about safety than anything. I think they would go crunch pretty easily. So just be sure you drive defensively. There are a lot of people out there who have no consideration for other drivers. And watch for those who do distracting things while driving, like talking an cell phones and putting on makeup. (I still maintain it's perfectly fine to apply lipstick at a red light, only NOT for guys! ;)

Thom said...

Austin Powers is a man, I think. But I'm not sure.

Look at a Civic. Even the regular ones do quite well. And they're fun to drive. (Get nav and XM).


Get a Smart Car!

Diva Mom Vicki said...

Yeah, I'm in the safety first, gas mileage second category. Those Mini Coopers look too much like they'd become coffins vs. a mammoth SUV.

My brother just traded his gas-guzzling truck for a Mazda5 zoom-zoom-zoom car and he loves it.

Adrienne said...

I LOVE mini coopers and I'm thinking the Smart Car is just too cute for words.

Tom - you can drive anything you want!!

ukok said...

Well if you ever do come over to England, don't think you can take me out for a spin in a mini...I haven't been ble to fit in one for about 20 years!

Tom in Vegas said...


Nice to know guys have a history of driving these cars. At first they looked a little too feminine. And you know what? Thom is RIGHT!! Austin powers drove this and he's a man!


I completely agree with you about putting safety over fuel efficiency. The dubious thing about car safety is that size no longer matters like it used to. It's the way they are built, according to a Dateline investigation that aired some time ago.


I will DEFINITELY explore the zoom-zoom-zoom of the Mazda 5. If it's half as fun as your brother claims, I might just walk off the lot with one (I'm serious about this).

Auntie A-

They are cute cars, but I wasn't sure if they were intended for female drivers instead of male drivers. Looks like the consensus is that men do drive the car.


Yes you can!!! I’ll pick you up tomorrow;0)

ukok said...

okay, where you taking me?

Tracy said...

we have a mini van and also a Toyota Echo that I use for all my around town driving (I love it!!) also, the Toyota gets excellent safety ratings, don't know about the coop.
They no longer make the Echo as of two yrs ago, now it is called the Yaris. Good luck in your search!!