Sunday, May 4, 2008

Obama wins Guam by 7 votes

Which means all seven people voted.

I thought I'd beat the late night pundits to that line.

The time is drawing near folks. Will it be McCain, who, by enlarge, offers a continuation of the present administration.

Will it be Hilary? If I start on Hilary I wont stop. It's too good and too easy.

Or will it be Barack Obama, with questionable political associations and a slightly suspicious personal past?

Who I would vote for

I say Vote for Cathy. This is one tough cookie who can put ANY dissident in his or her place by merely striking a few keys on her PC! Just imagine what she can do as commander-in-chief. Her temper, however, might be a major set back. Especially when she learns that - without consulting with her first - a group of Catholic nuns have been invited to the White House to perform an Easter liturgical dance. Can you say mushroom cloud? Or how about Terry Nelson from Abbey-Road, Abbey-Roads2, and Up Your Street. A man who can sustain so many blogs at one time would burn the midnight oil at the White House trying to get the the issues remedied. And since Cathy claims that Terry leads a relatively quiet life, I can guarantee you no scandals in a Terry Nelson administration! But if militant and stealthy is what you desire in the war on terrorism, then I recommend Adrienne at Adrienne's Catholic Corner. With full and absolute jurisdiction over the Soprano family and their cohorts, all she has to do is nod her head and someone gets it (can you imagine if she targeted Ted Kennedy and he turned up missing? People would think he was passed-out somewhere on a beach or on the kitchen floor. No one would ever suspect. How cunning. How evil. Ingenious!). Having said that, she is also generous in helping those who are in need and is all too willing to grant any favors to anyone who asks politely (VERY politely). But keep in mind that if she does any favors for you, she may one day call upon you to do a favor for her (gulp!). And in the political arena, that is all but a certainty.

Ah, you might ask, wouldn't Tom, the author responsible for the quackery that gets posted on this blog, make a good president? Well, first and foremost I'm flattered, but the answer is no. Because I live in Las Vegas, it would be a natural propensity, done unconsciously, to turn the White house into a go-go bar. And that, ladies and gentleman, would make Bill Clinton, a potential First Lady, very jealous. He would accuse me of getting all my ideas from his administration, followed by unsolicited helpful advice on how NOT to get caught (whatever he means by that).

And since I'm already politically binging, here's a nice little quote to remember former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld by:

"I don't do quagmires."


Adrienne said...

I will be the President and you will be my Vice-President. Cathy should be Speaker of the House and Terry Secratary of State.

I like that mix..... we could get some sh_t done!!

Cathy_of_Alex said...

LOL! Oh, God, have mercy on our Nation, please!

Actually, Terry would not want to make any public appearances prompting everyone to believe he is really dead-VP (hmmm...where's Dick Cheney been?)

I'd be against liturgical dancing but I'd be caught dancing in the Oval Office. It would be all over YouTube and rather than talk policy I'd have to defend my lack of dancing skills and vow to enroll in a dance class.

Adrienne would wow everyone at the Inaugeral with her drumming skills. Ambassador to the UN

Tom would have a high skew in the ladies demographic with Little Critter in his arms and his sensitive love of beautiful music. *sigh* You'd be Chief of Staff.

Tracy said...

Good post Tom!! :)

Terry Nelson said...

Good post! LOL! I would be like Dick Cheney.

Thanks Tom.