Monday, May 26, 2008

Mel Gibson

I feel sorry for Mel Gibson. Even though he is a brilliant director - albeit with a penchant for bloody and violent imagery - his life seems to be characterized by instability and addiction. As it is well known, Mel Gibson is a Catholic who belongs to a splinter group that does NOT recognize the reforms adopted by Vatican II, nor the authority of Pope Benedict. In an interview he gave during the whole Passion of the Christ controversy, he stated he believed his wife's salvation was in question because she is an Episcopalian and practices her faith outside the his Catholic tradition. In July of 2006 he was arrested for driving under the influence, and supposedly, during his arrest, blurted out a series of anti-Semitic slurs that the media ran with and published everywhere. He also suffered for the public statements made by his father in which he denied the Jewish Holocaust.

Today, I read something about Mr. Gibson that I did not know before: he is bi-polar. Now, many people suffer from this serious illness but are treated with medication, therapy, and self-care. They should not be stigmatized or thought of as "crazies" for a condition that is manageable, but nonetheless challenging. Mel Gibson - as are many people who are bi-polar - is a productive human being and is in no way a threat to society.

There are many things which I admire about Mel Gibson. The first one I have to mention is his courage to produce and direct the film the Passion of the Christ when all the major movie studios, on politically correct grounds, refused to be involved with the project. Another fact worth mentioning is that to my knowledge, he has never buckled under pressure from politically correct sources to accept or bless any group's methodologies if they come into conflict with his religious beliefs. That is an attribute that is respectable no matter where you go. More so if the place we are talking about is Hollywood.

I hope to see more films from this very talented director, and I pray that despite the differences between where we are as a Catholic Church and where he wishes the Church would be, that he come back closer into the flock and worship alongside his Catholic brethren.

Oh, by the way, here is a list of what Mel has made from some of his films, so don't feel too bad for him. This list also brings to mind the Vatican's clarification of the Seven Deadly Sins. Is Mel too rich? Wouldn't matter since he doesn't recognize Vatican authority anyway.

Signs (2002): $25,000,000
We Were Soldiers (2002): $25,000,000
The Patriot (2000): $25,000,000
Chicken Run (2000): £ 1,000,000
Conspiracy Theory (1997): $20,000,000
Ransom (1996): $20,000,000
Maverick (1994): $15,000,000
Lethal Weapon 3 (1992): $10,000,000
Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985): $1,200,000 (Australia)
The River (1984): $500,000
Attack Force Z (1982): $1000 / Week
Gallipoli (1981): $35,000
Mad Max (1979): $15,000 (Australia)
Summer City (1977): $400 (Australian)

Source: IMDB


Cathy_of_Alex said...

Tom: Good post. He is a fascinating man. I pray that he, and all of our other seperatist brothers and sisters, return to the One True Church.

Thom said...

I notice his profits from "The Passion" aren't listed.

I refused to watch it because I felt he was playing on people's faith to make cash. Just like the "Left Behind" hucksters LaHaye and Jenkins.

Adrienne said...

It's Mel's Dad that belongs to a sedevacantis group. Mel used to go to a SSPX chapel in CA. They refused to give him communion after (I think) Lethal Weapon because they considered him a public sinner. When he was making The Passion it was an SSPX priest who came to the set and celebrated Mass every morning.

He doesn't say much about what his Dad believes but does say he believes in the Pope, etc.

Mel's a drunk - I'm a drunk and nothing he does is the least bit out of the ordinary ----- for a drunk:)

Bi-polar is just a coexisting condition with the alcoholism and cannot be treated until he stops drinking.

Adrienne said...

Didn't make myself too clear. Mel's Dad = no pope
Mel = believes in Pope

Tom in Vegas said...

Auntie A-

It’s my understanding that the church he attends is unaffiliated with any Catholic diocese anywhere. Now, that alone does not constitute sedevacantism, but he does reject the reforms of Vatican II, and in an interview he once stated, "I agree with everyone who says the Vatican is a wolf in sheep's clothing."

At best, he seems to have one foot in present Catholic ecclesiastics and another one out there in his father's camp. As close as they are, it's hard for me to believe he would significantly depart from the views of the man who raised him.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the guy (I wasn’t thrilled by his film the Passion. I think the Greatest Story Ever Told is much better).

kris said...

He's a strange and interesting man at best. I admire him in some respects and almost feel sorry for him in others- that sort of "lack of awareness" thing, you know? Personally I loved The Passion- being raised outside the Catholic church I never had a true understanding of what Christ suffered. Hell, the bible says little about it. I initially thought it was way over the top and didn't believe it could have been that violent. Research done after seeing the film actually made it sound worse than it looked on screen.

That was a huge for me.

Tom in Vegas said...

Antie A-

I also meant to say you don't sugar coat anything, do you? You just come right out and say it. LOL!

Tracy said...

I find him to be a very interesting man. Having suffered for 18+ yrs with depression, I feel for him very much, having been around family members with addiction, many of his "actions" show to me someone with an addiction, he is a brilliant man, I pray he gets the help he needs!

Kathleen Miller said...


Thanks for this post. I happen to love the Passion, and Mel Gibson.

I enjoy most of the movies that he's starred in and I guess I don't pay attention too much to his personal life because he's the one that must deal with it!

God BLess,


Tom in Vegas said...


I hear you, my friend. I think ol' Mel is going to be just fine. He does take his faith very seriously, and he does have a big family.

BTW, great pic!!


You said it best: "I guess I don't pay attention too much to his personal life because he's the one that must deal with it!"

portal said...

he says he is not a sedevacantist but he spent untold dollars of those millions you listed in your blog to build his dad and the others their own church....

for whatever that is worth.

And I disagree that bi-polarism is just a coexisting behavior with alcoholism that cannot be treated until one stops drinking. Very often the drinking is the direct result of being bi-polar. One's underlying psychiatric issues must be addressed if one has any hope of getting sober.

anyhwooo - the money he's made is breathtaking, no? gheeeeesh!

Marilena said...

let me clear up some things about the gibsons. namely, mel's dad. mel's dad belongs to the SSPV, the society of saint pius v. not the sspx. the sspx are not sede vacantist, but the sspv is. there is a huge difference. and its a common misunderstanding that people who don't know the difference between the 2, often state the sspx is sede vacantist. the sspx is not in commmunion with rome, but they do not deny the authority of the pope, nor do they believe the seat of peter is vacant such as the sspv does. whether mel goes to an sspc chapel, i don't know.but it is known that his father goes to the sspv chapel. as a person who attends the chapel of the sspx, i can tell you honestly, that they are not sede vacantists. if mel goes to the sspx chapel,well good. iam glad he does. but if he goes to the sspv, well then iam sorry to hear that. iam also sorry to hear his father attends the sspv. one thing that all can pray for is that some day, the sspx is reunited with rome. as for the sspv, they have to renounce their false beliefs that the seat of peter is vacant. and that would be truly remarkable if that happened. i for one, think mel's movie the passion of the christ is one of the greatest movies ever made.