Friday, May 23, 2008

Cooking in Broad Daylight Part 1

Okay, folks, it's here. It arrived in Las Vegas a few days ago with temperatures over one hundred degrees, with the promise of continued high and scorching heat all the way into October. It should have also reached most of you by now, but hopefully with a more moderate and gradual onset. What do I speak of? Well, summer, of coarse!

The following tunes are some of my favorites which I also associate with summer. Although not all of them have the word "summer" in it, I think they're all imbued with an estival spirit that evokes images of late-night get-togethers with friends by the beach or a lake; starry night skies in the woods; or azure with lots and lots of sunshine. They (the songs) simply feel like summer to me, although to you that same inspiration might not come across.

What songs remind you of summer?

By the way, in Las Vegas the temperature will dip from the one-hundreds to the low to mid-seventies for the next couple of days while a storm front makes its way through.


Katie Alender said...

The songs "Lucky Star" by Madonna and "Let's Hear It For the Boy" by whatserface always bring me back to waiting in the back seat of a tiny car with vinyl seats, sweating and waiting for my babysitter's older kids to get ready to go to the beach. Yuck! Those songs make me uncomfortable now, LOL.

I love the Beach Boys, as well as any haunting version of "Summertime". We see a lot of live music during the summer at the Hollywood Bowl, so musicians I've seen there are melded in my memory with hot summer days cooling into chilly nights-- kd lang, Willie Nelson...

Thom said...

Today's High: 68
Today's Low: 50

Welcome to Ohio.


Tom in Vegas said...


I LOVE the song "Summertime", even when performed in an operatic mode!! I remember "Let's Here it for the Boy" also from one particular summer and developing an impassioned dislike for it. Same can be said of Medusa's "Lucky Star."


You lucky dog!

Today the temperature in Las Vegas was quite low thanks to a windy storm that is paying us a visit. But pretty soon those numbers are going to change and the average temperature will be between 102 and 111.

Need a room mate:) ? LOL!

Adrienne said...

Ah yes, Seals and Croft - good one!

Being just a hair and a smidge older how about anything by:
Jerry Lee Lewis
Little Richard
James Brown
Gene Vincent (and the Blue Caps) He used to stay at my first boyfriends house when he was playing in St. Paul. A stone cold druggie.
Janis Joplin - an amazing talent

moving on to:
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Bee Gees - great sound

Who didn't I like??
The Beach Boys - they were popular while I was dialing in my little plastic radio to Shreveport, LA from St. Paul, MN to listen to blues.
Hated the Rolling Stones and the Who.

........and that temperature. Ugh!! I remember living in Phoenix when the temp hit 117 and leaving a bar after sundown with the wind blowing. You were positive the skin was peeling off your face. Not a good place to be a drunk:)

Don't you love it when folks say, "yes but, it's dry heat?" Noooooooo - it's just freakin hot.

Tom in Vegas said...


You don't like the Beach Boys or the Rolling Stones??? Oh get outta here:0) They've got a few good tunes to listen to.

For me, icksnay Jerry Lee Luis and James Brown. I don't know a thing about Janis Joplin's music (although I'd like to), so you got me beat there. Love the Bee Gees, and I HATE 117 temperature days!

You are so right about it being just plain hot; and the lack of humidity doesn’t make any more bearable.

Kathleen Miller said...


While I wish it were a little warmer in our neck of the woods; I don't yearn for temperatures in the 100's.

Hang in there!

I love your choice of songs. Neil Young's "Heart of Gold" is a renewed favorite of mine.

Have a great weekend!


Diva Mom Vicki said...

Oooh, off to add 'Summer Breeze' to my playlist!

I graduated high school in 1987 so any 80's cheesy pop tune will bring back fond memories of my summers spent as a lifeguard.