Monday, October 15, 2007

Still on a music trip: Magnificat

Estonian composer Arvo Pärt is the twenty first century successor to sixteenth century composer and priest, Gregorio Allegri. Pärt's music is simply breathtaking and sublime, and he has amassed worldwide notoriety with his venerable and contemplative compositions. With pieces such as the Kanon Pokajanen, and, featured here, the Magnificat, Pärt's music is consecrated to the Divine, and brings the listener closer to the sacred.

Alternating between female and deep male voices, when you hear the Magnificat you know instantaneously that it is written in the Russian-Orthodox/ Byzantine traditions. It is a subtle piece with surging moments that shatter its delicate and pensive reflection, while leaving the integrity of its sacrosanctness and hallowed intentionality pristine and intact.

If you want to listen to more music by this great composer, go online and purchase his Kanon Pokajanen, which is based on the canon of repentance written by St. Andrew of Crete. The opening impact of that piece is mesmerizing.

Magnificat by Arvo Pärt

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