Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Well, they definitely are popular and one can scarcely imagine a world without the latte-producing, frappuccino-whirling, ubiquitous Starbucks Coffee franchise. I went there last weekend with a bunch of my friends and it was my unfortunate turn to buy. I spent just under $80.00.

No, I wasn't filling my tank up with Starbucks, and we did not request a massage. There were fifteen (!) of us and everybody went for what their little hearts desired (I insisted they do so). No regrets, though. These are my buds and there is no better way of getting into trouble than by keeping their company.

Don't worry. Next time someone else is buying what my little heart desires. And, oh man, Starbucks is going to have its best quarter ever!



paramedicgirl said...

Tom, did you know that Starbucks supports the homosexual agenda as well as matching employee contributions to Planned Parenthhod?

Adrienne said...

They also promote Joni Mitchells rather anti-Catholic CD!!

I just flat don't like their coffee, either.

Tom in Vegas said...

You know, I really need to get my head out of you know where. I had no idea that Starbucks made contributions to planned parenthood, nor did I know that Joni Mitchell had that attitude. Well, Joni Mitchell is an easy fix: I’ll just keep doing what I was doing loooong before I found about her anti-Catholicism, which is to not listen to any of her music. I’m going to research this very disturbing Starbuck’s “philanthropy.” I once heard a rumor about them that turned out to be untrue. I'm hoping this is one of those.