Saturday, October 27, 2007

An Observation

I'm convinced that the kindness and spiritual purity of a human being is many times detectable on the outside, albeit not always. I was looking at a picture of a group of nuns a few days ago and in their faces was an overwhelming expression of kindness and compassion. It's as if the inside had made its way out, and those things that made them who they are were visible for the world to see.

Take Blessed Carlos M. Rodrigues, a Puerto Rican lay person who was beatified by Pope John Paul II on April 29, 2001. Rodriguez was heavily involved in restoring liturgical costumes that had gradually been abandoned over the years in Puerto Rico. He was a catechist for high school students, he organized choirs, and was a member of a number of lay organizations. When I look at this man's picture I see a kind, gentle and benevolent soul free of hatred and aggression. I see someone who took little to no offense at the transgressions of others. Perhaps one might justifiably come to the conclusion that I'm judging a book by its cover. I, however, would argue that the opposite is true. We know very well the content of Carlos' life, since many people still alive had the good fortune of knowing him personally. My belief is that the kindness and gentility that dwelled in him made its way out, so that others might know the One he labored for and dedicated his life to.

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kris said...

If only we could all live to the potential within us... as creatures created FOR joy and for peace.