Saturday, September 29, 2007

Las Vegas with Emphasis on Wynn

The Wynn Hotel and Casino is one of the most luxurious hotels not just in Las Vegas but in the world, and it that caters to upper class clientele. Named after long-time Las Vegas investor Steve Wynn (who had enough ego to name a hotel after himself or possibly his wife), this majestic property was spared no expense towards its grand completion. Here are a few pictures taken from outside the property as well as from inside the property. Some of the outside property shots of Wynn were taken from the Fashion Show Mall - another high-end establishment - located right across from Wynn.

Disclaimer: I'm still getting comfortable with my camera, so some of these pictures are not the best. My "eye" needs more maturation so I can see those shots before I take them.

O.K. this first picture is not the Wynn property, but rather a snap shot of a new tower that is being built by the Venetian. The reason I've included it here is so you can get an idea of how close the airport is to the Las Vegas Strip. Off to the side, you can see a Southwest Boeing 737 beginning its ascension right after take off. If you stay at the MGM, you can literally see the runways from your hotel room.

This second picture is a side view of the Wynn property. This shot of the property is the side facing the Las Vegas Strip.

This angle shot reveals one of the most unique and imaginative kiosks in all the hotels in Vegas. Can you see the triangular shaped "board" that has Wynn written on it? Well, it operates very similar to an elevator. It has the ability to slide to the top of that vertical structure and back down again. As it ascends to the top, it will cover that white, luminous "Alex" advertisement revealing a new add beneath it. Once it reaches the top, it will remain there for a few seconds and slide back down again. As it descends, another ad will appear above. In this picture, it is all the way at the bottom and the advertisement ( the "Alex") is above.

The following series of pictures reveal the many (and expensive) shops that are available at this property. With some of these pics you wont believe your eyes.

Rolex anyone?

For you choc-aholics there is a pastry shop that will have your eyes popping from their sockets.

Louis Vuitton, mademoiselle?

Jean Paul Coutier is a label with success that has eluded conventional wisdom since its conception. Can anyone tell me what is the big deal with this guy's fashion? Must be the celebrity names that made a big deal out of nothing. (Thanks Madonna)

Dior. Another brand that escapes me.

Oscar de la Renta.

Chanel is the historic label made famous by celebrities and first ladies. I don't think men constitute a significant portion of their demographics.

Cartier. Very luxurious; very expensive.

The following pictures are of a restaurant/ bar at the Wynn Hotel that is absolutely breathtaking. That beige structure that you see towards the back is a waterfall. In the water you can see statues of people playing.

Now we start getting into some serious toys. But before that, here is a picture of the Ferrari Store. In this store you can buy accessories for your Ferrari (everyone these days has one, right?), as well as Ferrari memorabilia.

If, by chance, you would like a REAL Ferrari to go with your Ferrari memorabilia, why not step inside this Ferrari dealer and buy yourself the real McCoy. That's right. If you stay at the Wynn property, you can take the elevator down to the first floor, walk a few feet through the casino, and buy yourself a Ferrari.

All this shopping, fine dining, and amenities can be very expensive. But if you hit this jackpot called Megabucks, you'll be able to make the return trip and buy more Ferrari's for some time to come!

A waterfall outside Wynn at night.

This is another picture of the Wynn kiosk, but taken at night time. The "Wynn" is beginning to descend, revealing the beginnings of a new ad right above it. As it descends, the greater portion that is now visible, "Reservations Call 770-..." will be completely gone and the new advertisement will completely appear.

Tom in Vegas


Something for the guys: One picture(s) I did not dare take was that of the cocktail waitresses. I'm not sure what it is about Wynn and its cocktail waitresses, but suffice it to say, my jaw dropped when they came along!

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Not bad, you're getting better each time! I wish you were taking this on-line photo class with me, it's totally fun and I feel like I've improved a lot in a very short time!