Saturday, September 15, 2007

Las Vegas Babble: Vegas at Night (but not the best pictures)

The above picture features the construction site of the prodigious City Center project that is slated to open in 2009. This picture was taken around 3 a.m. and the construction crews were hard at work (yes, crane included) in this very messy area of the Las Vegas Strip. Towards the right of City Center, and at some distance from it, can be seen the Bellagio, Ceasars Palace, The Mirage, and the Eiffel Tower of the Paris.

This pic shows the MGM kiosk and a screen (I forgot the proper name of it) that is so incredibly vivid you almost need sunglasses at night to look straight into it. The Excalibur and its colorful spires are featured here; the New York, New York and its exterior roller coaster; and behind the MGM kiosk can be seen the Mandalay Bay, and the Luxor beacon beaming from atop the pyramid-shaped hotel.

The above pictures displays the New York, New York Hotel and Casino. This intersection involves the New York, New York (cross the street) and, to the left of the picture (but can't be seen), the MGM Grand Hotel.

More of the City Center project and a small inclusion of the Monte Carlo kiosk.

Okay, so I made a mistake, but there is no better way of learning than by these knocks to the head.

I took a few pictures of the Las Vegas Strip in all its nighttime glory. Featured in this post are images of the MGM Grand Hotel, Excalibur, The Monte Carlo and its exterior roller coaster, the Paris, the Bellagio, and a few other hotels that are visible in the background. Included are construction images of the massive City Center project, which is being built by the MGM Mirage Corporation, owners of most of the casinos featured here.

Now, where is my mistake? Well, HOW ABOUT USING THE IMAGE STABILIZER OPTION OF A CAMERA THAT ALREADY COMES WITH IT?!! Yes, dumb Tom forgot his basics while taking these pictures. Again, I've learned from this snafu and have lots of other targets to shoot at before calling these set of pictures a complete loss. Unfortunately, this was as close to the Las Vegas Strip that I could come to from an elevated structure. I will most assuredly visit this vantage point and retake some of these pictures (using the IS) again. Also, applying the use of my tripod might also give greater stability, therefore enhanced clarity, to the photos.

I'm giving strong consideration to developing a satellite blog dedicated to Vegas imagery. Hmm...?



kris said...

NOT bad for the first time! Now put that IS on and remember if you're not using a tripod to change your ISO speed to 1600 (the pics will be grainy but not blurry)... or, hey- maybe invest in a tripod, they aren't that expensive I don't think (mine was a gift, and I've yet to use it).

kris said...

Who turned twenty-five?? Sorry, I feel like I missed something!