Sunday, September 9, 2007

Tech. Babble: Steve Jobs does it again

Just when I thought the current iPod in my possession would rule supreme for the foreseeable future, my good friends at Apple revolutionized the entire video and audio players in their inventory. I currently have two iPods: a third and a sixth generation players. I bought the latest one (80GB video iPod) about five moths ago thinking nothing would change at least till 2008. Was I wrong. A 160 gig iPod comes to the open market on September 10th, and a touch screen iPod (iPod Touch) follows close behind. Dam! Dam! Dam! I should have waited just a tad longer to acquire this 160 gig iPod or the more sexy iPod Touch. But you know what, it wasn't my fault. They kept this stuff under wraps to avoid hurting the sales of the current technology (aka milk the consumer) before announcing the upgrades. As a matter of fact, a new iPhone with greater memory is set to hit the market at a considerable lower price than the first iPhone that came out just a few months ago. Subsequently, Steve Jobs is refunding $100.00 to anyone who purchased the initial iPhone in hopes of avoiding a negative media firestorm over this last minute switch-a-roo.

The iPod Touch will be available is 8GB ($299) and 16GB ($399) capacities. Now, if you have a lot of movies and music already on an iPod classic, that amount of memory will not be enough. I strongly recommend that you do not dish-out $400 for these devices until they come out with at least an 80GB capacity iPod Touch. I guarantee you by then the 80GB iPod Touch will cost the same as the 16GB iPod Touch cost now, with the 16GB iPod Touch completely phased-out.

Mr. Jobs, I certainly do not want anything bad to enter your life, but I did hear that people who jog with their iPods are three times more likely to get struck by lightning than people who do not use an iPod.

Do you jog, Mr. Jobs?


BTW, at first glance, can you detect the differences between iPod Touch and an iPhone?

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