Friday, August 10, 2007

The Critter of All Critters

Do not be fooled, ye spectator, for he is lethal and cunning with cuteness. These are pictures of the infamous Critter that roams the west coast, seeking out innocent human beings to manipulate with his bewitching little face. He strikes with subtlety but with great lethality; and pretty soon, no matter how much you resist, you give into his demands for unauthorized snacking, gentle hugs and unending tummy rubs. The author of this blog risked his very life by meeting this deadly beast head-on in the wild and diabolical fields of Sin City, to snap the pictures displayed above.

Legend has it that in the summer of 2006, as the Critter roamed the mountainous regions of Scotland, shocked and horrified bystanders looked on as he ate the Loch Ness Monster with one chomp for snoring too loud. And some of the kids in the neighborhood of his domicile have complained to their adult superiors that the critter looks out his window and extends his middle finger when they walk by.

If ye sees this infernal qua-draped in thou presence, DO NOT RUN! He will chase after you and lick you till you have no choice but to pet him and give him his long desired belly rubs.

More pics to follow of the furry (?) little beast.



The following is an actual recording of his savage rumble, which can be heard anytime a doorbell goes off or food is being prepared: Woof!

Kris, when you read this I just want you to know that the only thing he would show me just as I took his picture was his hairy behind!:( And to add injury to frustration, I think he was doing it on purpose, the little bugger. I'm still working on the camera (quite a bit more to go) but I should uncover new techniques as I go along. My house is about to undergo a revamping both inside and out (as well as a room addition) which will begin (hopefully) in the next few months. I'd LOVE to post before and after pictures of this project:)


kris said...

Ah! You've been HIDING him from us???? I'm like, IN LOVE. Chase me chase me chase me! I'll rub that cute belly... damn that is one cute dog!

PS. Yeah. I know all about the booty call- Boob is always given me his rear. He likes it scratched (as a bulldog, he can't get to it)!

Doris & Dan said...

He is SO fuzzily cute!

Keep smilin!

tundrachica said...

That's a nice white fluffy pup ya got there!

Adrienne said...

Blessings to you and Critter. Watch your mailbox:)