Saturday, August 4, 2007

Camera Upgrade

Instead of going with the SD800 I decided to make the upgrade to the Canon SD850. It's slightly more expensive, but it does have more powerful optics. Besides, I think this version is completely replacing its predecessor, the SD800.



kris said...

Hurry up and come already. I'm dyin' ovah here.

(Seriously, so can't wait to see some pics you shoot).

kris said...

I can't find your email, so sorry to use this forum.

You are going to be a rockstar with your camera. I'm always fascinated at male photographers vs. female.. there's some kind of subtle difference I can't put my finger on. And GOD, you compared ME to the GREATS- I am so amateur, trust me!! Technically very, very challenged. And I think that's where you'll excel and surpass me, sooner than you think. I took a year of photography, and in a week I swear by brother had it down and is STILL a better photographer than me!!

Anyway. Happy shooting. You're gonna have a blast. I need an external hard drive (toooooooo many photos) and a flat screen. My old computer makes my photos look dingy.

tundrachica said...

Hi Tom..just visiting from Mad Race for Macey blog. I notice that you are not in the adoption ring as well but enjoy the photography thing.
I am very quite amateur too but I love the whole picture taking process and the learn as you go.

I will check back to see what you have posted for pics.