Friday, September 2, 2011

Elmo Has Issues

Be responsible this Labor Day weekend. Wild party boozing can only get you into trouble whether on foot or in car, human or not (see above pic). This brings me to my next somewhat related question: is enduring the crappy, godawful, pungent taste of hard liquor worth the buzz? People, you have got to be kidding me. I remember catching a brief scent of Stolichnaya Raspberry Vodka a few years ago and found the aroma quite agreeable. I purchased a bottle for a gathering at a friend's house and after I took the first sip, I nearly hurled! Oh there was plenty of vodka-taste in the sip alright, but NO traces a anything that could remotely be identified as raspberry. I was very disappointed. The raspberry existed mostly in the scent, not the taste.

I very, very seldom drink, but in the times that I do, it's typically wine or a wine-spritzer. And I usually start feeling the buzz--which I absolutely detest--long before I've reached the halfway mark of my drink. Not very manly, is it?


Shirley said...

I like a bottle of cider or a glass of wine. But one drink is my limit. The old party days are long gone!

Cathy_of_Alex said...

You're back! This post is a veiled jab at me isn't it? :-)

Tom in Vegas said...

Cath- A jab at you? No way honey-bunny! Although I love picking on you:0)

A certain someone posted on a certain blog (Gee, I wonder who?) that you were coming back to blogger.

COME BACK. We miss you!