Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Selling Yourself

Very few people in the excessively materialistic world of celebrities and glory-hungry hopefuls are as prone to self exploitation as Kim Kardashian. A socialite with no redeeming artistic value, Kim, her parents and sisters currently star in a reality show called Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The success of that show has brought it back for six seasons thus far.

In 2007, Kim made a sex tape that was posted online for public viewing. She sued the adult video producer which posted the video, Vivid Entertainment, and was awarded five million dollars. However, savvy Kardashian negotiated a deal with Vivid Entertainment and as a result of those negotiations the tape became available for public viewing, but for a fee. Kardashian, in turn, would take a cut of those fees. This article credits her sex tape for launching her career.

Earlier this month Kim married NBA player Kris Humphries in Montecito, California. I'm assuming that the smut video his wife made was not an issue when he decided to pop the question. Personally, it would make me sick to my stomach.

What is most disturbing about Kim Kardashian's situation is the fact that her own family, specifically her mother and step-father, have failed to make even the slightest effort to have the video removed and protect the dignity and (potential) respectability of their daughter. They're all reaping the fruits of a porn video.

And I could never forget to give recognition to another twirp whose fame and notoriety are equally as mysterious and inexplicable as Kardashian's. And this, of course, is Paris Hilton.


Shirley said...

They definitely are not good role models for young girls.

Tom in Vegas said...

They're not good role models for anyone! And I doubt that Kim Kardashian had anyone to properly guide her as a child. It's sleaze
left and right in that group, Shirley.