Sunday, September 18, 2011

Stop it.

So I'm doing my best to stay away from the Fr. Pavone controversy and discussing it in great detail simply because I don't believe in fueling disputes that are generated within the Catholic Church itself. However, this much I will say, whatever disgrace comes from this public contention, we have only Catholic sources to assign blame (in my opinion). But regardless of whether the Bishop is right or wrong, or Fr. Pavone has been unjustly removed, whatever happened to promptly addressing the issues and privately discussing them before going public with a war of words? And as a Bishop, certainly you must appropriately and respectfully eye those individuals who are under your jurisdiction, but can you apply your authority harshly and unfairly simply to preserve your "empire"? Yes. Absolutely. Anyhoo, I've said more than I wanted to say about this subject matter.

Quit Sending Me Emails
I get at least two emails a day from some source claiming to be associated with either Fr. Pavone or the Priests for Life caucus. I have unsubscribed myself from I don't know how many bulk email lists and STILL I get stuff in my in box from those sources. I'm not trying to be apathetic to the cause of the Priests for Life in any way, but since the subject matter of these emails is focused on the public dispute, I simply don't want to read them. Don't ask me how they got my email.

On a Lighter and Happier Note
This is Sebastien, my brother's new cat. He is still a baby (only four months old) and extremely playful. Rocco, who was also a youngster, passed away from a rare condition about two months ago.


Adrienne said...

I hardly read any "Catholic" blogs anymore. Starting with Corapi and the beating he took, I have been beyond turned off. The attacks, particularly from the "high-end" blogs were so viscous and vile, it sickened me.

Kitty is just too cute!!! And, yes - Toby has a cousin. Frankie is the absolutely best behaved dog we have ever had the pleasure of living with. A real angel.

I'm going to spend some time later going through your art links. I need inspiration to get back to work.

Shirley said...

It seems the more high-profile the priest, the more viscous the attacks are. I stay away from blogs that focus on negativity, whether they are Catholic blogs, or horse blogs (my other blog) There is enough unpleasantness in the world without adding to it.
The kitten is way too cute. Everybody could use some cuteness in their lives!

Terry Nelson said...

I stay away from the negative blogs too - I hate it when they are always beating up on Michelle O.

What? :)

Cute kitty - looks like my Xena.