Wednesday, November 4, 2009

National Adoption Month

Did you know that November is National Adoption Month? I'm not sure how something like this could have passed me without notice. Anyway, this month has been said aside as a time to "raise awareness about the adoption of children and youth from foster care."

Stop by, say hello and give a big THANK YOU to two individuals who put their money where their mouth is by not just adopting a child, but by adopting a child who was outside their race, and in one circumstance, a child with special needs. I've mentioned to both of them something they probably think it's melodramatic and hyperbolic, but which I nonetheless mean sincerely: PEOPLE WHO ADOPT SAVE LIVES.

The first blog is To China and Back...and Beyond, which you will find Mia (or as I call her Cutie-patootie) - who arrived in the United States just a little over two years ago - and her mom, Melissa. Melissa is a good sport for putting up with my notorious sense of humor on her blog:0) You never know the type of silly nonsense I'm going to leave behind when I visit.

The second blog is Tell Her This. There you will meet the newly arrived Ellis Gao Mei and her mom Kris. Kris and Ellis were involved in a traffic incident today (you'll see why I say "incident" instead of "accident" when you visit the blog), but they seem to have come out of it all right, thank God. Poor Ellis was shaken up, but TLC put her nerves at ease.

So please, don't be bashful. Stop by and say hi to these good folks: say hi to Mia and Ellis, and thank their moms for having enough humanity to look beyond mere genes and having the ability to share their love with a child that is genuinely theirs.

Remember National Adoption Month!


Tracy said...

wonderful post Tom!!

MissMeliss said...

Cutie Patootie and I thank you for your humor and sticking with us for so long!!! :D

you know, in that we've-never-met-in-person-kind-of-way-longest-relationship-i've-had-in-awhile-and-i-mean-that-in-the-nicest-way!!!!!! ha!

Also, thanks for also supporting National Adoption Month... :D CP, or as I call her, Silly Goose, has given me so much more than I could have ever asked for!!!

oh, and i saw where Kris and fam had the car incident... i'm so glad they are ok!!

aka Mama Mia!

Tom in Vegas said...

M n M-

Thank you both for visiting my blog!

Make yourselves at home: Put your feet up and enjoy the Vegas nighttime skyline. There's orange juice and milk (for cutie-patootie) in the fridge, and orange juice and milk for the grown-ups (Sorry, I don't drink. Everytime I buy a case of beer, I make a half-turn and Toby guzzles down the twelve pack before I even know thet're missing).

Glad to pledge my support for National Adoption month:0)

Mike and Kim said...

So touched that you include my sweet little new niece to your blog!!

Thanks for making my night!