Thursday, November 12, 2009

Two Sets of Rules

Can you tell me how the combined scandals of every pedophile priest and priests who have tossed out their sacerdotal vows can ever stigmatize the Catholic Church to the same extent that radical Muslims have demonized Islam? Islam - however undeserved - has an anathema grade that could only be surpassed by the Nazi party at the height of their menace during the first half on the twentieth century. Yet despite this reality, Catholicism faces greater collective scrutiny and criticism from loudmouths who simply don't like the Church. My Lord, speak ill of someone who is of Muslim affiliation and watch what happens.

I don't dislike Muslims or have anything personal against Islam. But the hypocrisy and double standards that are applied to this situation irritate me to no end. (Yes, some of you have written about this).


Tracy said...

Totally agree with you Tom!!

Terry Nelson said...

I agree as well. Oh. And BTW- that cartoon is ROFLOL!

Cathy_of_Alex said...

Because radical Catholics don't inspire fear and terror the way radical Muslims do! What's a radical Catholic going to do? Throw incense, holy water, blessed salt and mantillas at the problem? That may eliminate evil (everyone should just give me their mantillas), but it will not blow everyone up.

I want to know where you got that cartoon of Terry and Adoro?

Tom in Vegas said...

Oh Cathy, on top of making a great point, you CRACK me up!