Monday, November 2, 2009

All Souls Day

"Pie Jesu" and "Ave Verum Corpus"


Anonymous said...

Pie Jesu is one of those songs that just gives you chills when it's done properly.

I've had the privilege of singing it in some of the finest and oldest Cathedrals in Europe and it used to be hard to get through 'cos I'd start getting choked up. LOVE IT!

thanks for the link!

Tom in Vegas said...

I agree about the Pie Jesus. It's no just moving but it's also imbued with a contemplative component.

I'm very much interested in the works of Avo Part. Have you heard of him? He's an Estonian composer now living in Berlin, and he has composed some incredible sacred pieces for both the catholic and Orthodox traditions. Try listening to "Berliner Misse" or to the "Kanon Pokajanen." They are breathtakingly beautiful.

Melody K said...

I love the Faure requiem, especially "Pie Jesu" and "In Paradisum". Eons ago when I was in college, we sang it in concert at the Air Force Academy chapel.

Shirley said...

Thanks Tom; just wish the sound on my laptop did it justice.

Tom in Vegas said...


I love the piece, too!


That can be sooo frustrating. It happened with my old PC.