Saturday, February 7, 2009

Picture Meme

Katie from has tagged me with the picture meme. Here are the directions sweet and simple: go to your photo files and find the fourth photo from the fourth folder and then post it. Well, I wanted to cheat a little on this meme when I thought...okay, I'll cheat a little! The fourth picture of the fourth folder in my photo files is that of the Critter, and I'd just be depressing the heck out of myself if I post it and then had to write about it (I hope this doesn't sound mean). So, in order to keep this post cheery and fun, I've decided to post a picture of my little daemon, Toby.

This little face has the trace of a smirk. This smirk - which he wears perpetually - implies he just tried doing something bad and almost got away with it. This devilish grin he wears means "I'm going to try again when your not looking."

He's a bundle of energy and we love him very much. But this puppy's got fangs (literally)!

I tag the following people/ animal lovers who are nifty with a camera:

1) Kris from Tell Her This

2) Auntie A from Adrienne's Catholic Corner

3) Shirley from Ride a Good Horse

4) Chris (who has a cute little boy and a cute little girl she always blogs about) from Chris and Co.


Shirley said...

My post is up, Tom! Love the pic of Toby, he just looks like a rascal!

Tracy said...

what a darling picture!!

Tom in Vegas said...


He IS a rascal!


Thank you! Like I was telling Shirley, he is as cute as he is rascal.

Chris said...

Tom, you cheated!
Well I had to kind of cheat too, but I got one posted. Although I didn't actually take the photo I guess! :D

Adrienne said...

ok - I'm off to do my duty.

Toby does have a set of canines, doesn't he!

Katie Alender said...

That photo will do nicely!

I love his little teeth. You can just hear him saying, "HA!"

kris said...

promise to get around to this :O) LOVE that yours was of Critter... love seeing that mug again!