Sunday, February 1, 2009

Naomi Wolf

Naomi Wolf is one of the most widely read feminist in America right now, and has gained notoriety overseas with her many books, the first of which was published in 1990 entitled The Beauty Myth. She has had subsequent books since then: Promiscuities (1998); Misconceptions (2001); and more recently The End of America (2007).

From what I've read, Wolf thinks of herself as a liberal feminist as apposed to the more traditional radical feminist. But whatever the difference between those two lexicons, I think it's fair to conclude that there is a misguided militancy to her political activism and as well as to her social views, which ultimately negates her message and makes her appear as a frenetic extremist. In the following short video, Wolf discusses her book The End of America, in which she compares President Bush to Hitler and Stalin, and also formulates a list of ten indications why democracy in this country is defunct.

Naomi Wolf is indeed attractive, which makes her an ironic symbol for a societal tenet that most feminists will agree with: looks do not constitute truth.

Years ago Naomi spoke about a mystical experience in which she met Jesus in the body of a little boy. But that's for another post.


Melody K said...

I would like to hear about her mystical experience; I hope you will post on that sometime.

Tom in Vegas said...


Not to sound too judgmental or myopic, but it's definitely a weird experience. I'll have to gather more information on it since right now details are a bit scarce.

ukok said...

I think the interviewer was extremely arrogant and didn't even give the woman a chance to respond. As soon as she started saying anything he didn't want to hear he talked over the top of her. That's just plain rude. I might or might not agree with what she has to say, I haven't read the book, but I do think that when you invite someone on to your show you should actually let them speak!

uncle jim said...

Aha! Another Bill O'Reilly critic - me, too ... I think he's [c]rude.

So, Tom, how long you been following the adventures of Ms Wolf? I'm not familiar with her name or writings - guess I haven't been paying enough attention to my feminists. Tell us more.

Coming from Toledo OH where Ms Steinman grew up and sharpened her talons, one would think I be a little more enlightened.

Tracy said...

I have to admit, until coming to your blog.. never even heard of her, lol.. boy.. I am behind these days:)

Tom in Vegas said...

UKOK and Uncle Jim -

I don't like Bill O'Reilly either. Not only because he's rude and myopic, but also because I don't think he believes half the stuff he says. He calls himself a conservative, but I think he's only conservative when it's convenient.

Tom in Vegas said...


You haven't missed much. I kinda wish I didn’t know of her either