Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I don't think it takes one of these pompous panelists who circulate through Meet the Press or Charlie Rose to recognize what cost John McCain the election. Two words: George Bush. President Bush, despite having admirable qualities, made several catastrophic and inexcusable mistakes during his administration that served to stigmatize John McCain. The single biggest miscalculation is, of coarse, the war in Iraq. What a tremendous blow to the gut of the American people when it was concluded that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq; that there were never any definitive ties between Iraqi diplomats and elements from Al qaeda. Can anyone put a mental grip around the price this nation has dished out, in terms of American lives and taxpayer money, in funding a war over falsified data?

Then came the economy meltdown. Hundreds of billions of dollars were procured to bail-out white collar crooks that drove this country to near financial demise. While Democrats contributed to this economic condition, the most visible branch of government to the American people - the Executive branch - will invariably be assigned culpability.

So what were voters looking for? They were looking for anything that wasn't George Bush. They were looking for someone who was not involved in initiating the Iraq war as appose to someone with the necessary leadership that could remove American forces prudently out of there. They were looking for someone who was not in the Oval Office when the economic meltdown occurred, despite the fact that the President is not the one who should be assigned the bulk of the blame for that fiasco. They were looking for a president who was not directly linked to over four-thousand dead Americans in Iraq for reasons that were completely frivolous. Basically, Obama is the embodiment of the absence of Bush, while McCain was tragically stigmatized by the President.

In a sense, Barack Obama remains very distant from this presidential election, since who and what he is remains, to some degree, undefinable and obscured. With George Bush's tremendous unpopularity, this election is a case of voters who were driven away from one candidate as oppose to being drawn to another. Can you imagine how Hilary feels? She might never again see a political climate that could have been so conducive to her victory as this last one.


Diva Mom Vicki said...

And who will pay the price? The unborn. We've just elected the most pro-abortion president in history.

Lord, help us.

Chris said...

I had a feeling all along that the reason Obama would win was not based on his own merit (HOW much legislation did he introduce? HOW many things did he vote on? Foreign policy, what's that?)--- but primarily on the fact that he is the Anti-Bush.
Whoever came up with "CHANGE" as the Obama-mantra and plastered it all over America is, unfortunately, a genius. America fell for it.
I agree with Diva mom- God help us all.

Chris said...
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Kimberly said...

Great post! I also agree that the vote was more for Obama due to the anti-Bush candidate. Yes, the unborn are paying the price. However, we pro-lifers and followers of God must stand up and do more--get out there and be ready to answer our Lord when HE asks us what we did to save His children. We pro-lifers will be able to answer.

I hope all is well with you! God Bless and love coming over to visit your site.

Blessed be God Forever,

Shirley said...

Good post, Tom. I agree that voting for BO was a knee-jerk reaction by the American public. Some of the public interviews I watched proved that people didn't know anything about the man, so how could they have voted for him based on his merits? Now they are going to find out that they have just opened the lid on Pandora's box and let out a stream of evil. And only themselves to blame.

Tracy said...

Good post Tom.. my heart hurts for the unborn.. God help us!

Kimberly said...

Wonderful post Tom! I know that this will only make us stronger and we will work harder to fight for the unborn child. It is great to have you on my side and that together with all our pro-life blogging friends we can fight this fight with our words through our blogs, with our actions, and with our prayers. I know Our Lady will help us through this battle as well.
Keep up the awesome work on your blog!
Blessed be God forever!