Monday, November 10, 2008

New England Catholicism

I think I've bored all of you with my tautologous announcements of living someday in New England. One of the more beautiful places of New England is Nantucket island in Massachusetts. Recently, while scavenging for more information about the island, I watched a video that contained images from Our Lady of the Isle Catholic Church. This is a Catholic Church based in Nantucket with beautiful New England architecture. Doesn't the name sound beautiful?

Our Lady of the Isle. I could say the name forever and not get tired.

Anyway, it would be a beautiful thing if someday I found myself inside that Church giving thanks for the gift of living in New England.

Photo by Khoi Huynh-Dinh.


Katie Alender said...

You can do it, Tom! Drastic cross-country moves are scary, but well worth it.

The Critter has his winter coat, so he's ready to go. Just give him a couple months' notice to grow it out to New England standards.

Shirley said...

The only thing stopping you is you. I have moved many times, often within the same year. It only requires planning. Apply to move your schooling. Research a place to live. Sell all your worldly things that you don't really need. Look for employment. It can all be done; you just have to decide to do it - and maybe pray to our Lady of the Isle while you are at it!

Tom in Vegas said...

Katie and Shirley-

Thank you:0)

Tracy said...

what a lovely picture!

Kirk said...

Tom, it's easy my friend!
Five years ago I was living in Melbourne in Australia. Then I made my decision, did my research and voila! here I am in Germany!
Do your research, pack your bags and off you go!
And you know what? This Nantucket Island sounds like just the place for you and your canine amigo!

Tom in Vegas said...


That's actually how I plan to do it, my friend. Do my research then aim for a way of life there. The only thing I'd like to do first is finish my education, before taking the first step in that direction.

Nantucket is expensive. Because it's an island, a house will cost you in the upwards of one million to buy. But who knows? If I play my cards right that might not be an impossible goal:0)