Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Sunflower and a Prayer

A few years ago I came across the following prayer in Catholic Digest and it has stayed with me ever since. For me it expresses - with great affection - humanity's deep-rooted, ineffable yearning for God. It also evokes in me a recurring metaphor that articulates this natural propensity: a sunflower searching the skies for the sun.

In many respects, we are like the awaiting sunflower at daybreak: incomplete till we see the Light of Dawn.

"Don't you ever,
You up in the sky,
Don't you ever get tired
Of having the clouds between you and us?"

A Native American prayer


Catherine said...

That's beautiful - thank you. I lived for a year in Switzerland next to a huge field of sunflowers, and I was amazed at how they truly do follow the sun all day long. Great imagery. catherine

Jaimie said...

Neat prayer. I never thought about it that way. Beautiful picture!

kris said...

Love that prayer- beautiful. Certainly causes me to pause and think of all the "clouds" in my own life that keep me disconnected from God.