Monday, November 19, 2007

A Bout of Introversion Pt. 4

No matter what you think or have been led to believe; in spite of your own self-perception and enumerated redoubtable characteristics; and irregardless of the greatness of your heroic profession, NO HUMAN BEING FULLY MATURES. That is an irrefutable and incontestable fact. Our mannerisms may have changed, our voices may have changed, who we go running to for safety might have changed, but that sophomoric quality of our characters that guided and formulated the play-ground rules in elementary school is still very much a part of who we are.

What is it like to be FULLY mature? No one knows because no one's ever been there. There are certainly degrees of maturity, but the condition of a perfectly mature individual is one that will forever be elusive to us as a species. And if you care to observe this phenomenon in a closer inspection, you will note that this type of perpetual adolescence permeates virtually every aspect of our global societies.

Just an observation.



Adrienne said...

You are correct in your assessment of the human race. We tend to be an insouciant bunch of whiners. But that’s what it’s all about – a lifelong conversion experience.

Since I have finally made it slightly above high school level let me be the first to tell you there is no such word as irregardless – regardless will do just fine:)

Give Critter a hug ()

Tom in Vegas said...

Auntie Adrienne-

The use of the word "irregardless" has caused some controversy among those who hypercriticize over little things, but it is currently in use despite its nonstandard status (a double negative).

This boy wasn’t born yesterday, you know.

Irregardless of your objections, I shall use it some more. As a matter of fact, since YOU made the complaint, I'll be sure to use more frequently. LOL!


Adrienne said...

Next you'll be saying "most unique."

Terry Nelson said...

I'm so relieved - I thought I was the only immature one.

Catherine said...

That's a great observation. I hope you'll say more! catherine