Monday, November 12, 2007

Poised for the Holidays - Bah Humbug!!

Yes, Christmas is just around the corner, and I'll bet with that bit of news most of us screech a loud and bewildered "What??!" to that surprising reality. Christmas has arrived, so you may as well enjoy the flow of the Yuletide celebrations. Fighting it will get you nowhere.

Doing my bit to perpetuate the Christmas Spirit, I purchased on DVD my favorite adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. Entitled Scrooge, this musical version - which I originally saw for the first time when I was ten years old - features Albert Finney portraying the misanthropic Ebenezer, accompanied by a wonderful film score of memorable tunes performed by Ebenezer himself, the three ghosts, and a slew of chanting characters. Remember this:

"Thank you very much!
Thank you very much!
That's the nicest thing that
anyone's ever done for me..."

Before you think I'm off my rocker, BUY this DVD and you'll know precisely what I'm talking about.

I love those narrow streets of nineteenth century England that are featured in this film. Snow covered and intimate, I long for a setting like the one in this film.

Hope you enjoy this holiday Bah Humbug!!



Adrienne said...

tom - I'm still trying to recover from the cryonics (otherwise known as popsicle people) and now, you are leading me to believe you are a bah humbug type. Be still my beating heart.

You need to take a break from all that "bean counting" and relax with a hot toddy!

I will admit to looking forward to what you will come up with next:)

Give Critter a huggy from Auntie Adrienne

Tom in Vegas said...

Hi Adrienne-

Me, the humbug type? Never. Ebenezer sure was, until his great transformation. I am, however, in the Christmas spirit, and I want my blog to reflect that wonderful condition (I listen to Christmas carols year round).

BTW, Scrooge really is a great film, if you haven't seen it.

I was thinking my next post should be about the great culinary experience of dining on tainted fish with Root Beer and scotch. The again, maybe not:) LOL!


Adrienne said...

Oh good! My heart has slowed down a bit.