Sunday, August 15, 2010


I've been tagged by my blogger-pal Terry over at Abbey Roads with a meme (I think) he made up on a whim. Basically, I'm to state a series of points that I'm against or in opposition to.

1) Catholic Pro-aborts: I feel such a tremendous sense of betrayal of both Church and God every time I see a "practicing Catholic" facilitating or defending the so-called right to destroy an unborn child. Politicians, like the current whack-job Vice President, are so high on my "S" list it's not funny. Yet, he is allowed to remain in the Church! See my post on Church politics. And check out this video featuring Cardinal Arinze. FUNNY!

2) Reality Shows: I've yet to find one that I think is worth watching. Most of the time they show individuals reaching new lows, trying to usurp one another (unless producers are staging these events for higher ratings). Regardless of their authenticity, there are too many of these shows on the air right now.

3) Bill O'Reilly: He is NOT a nice guy, nor is he as tolerant as he wants you to think he is. I don't even think he's a real conservative but rather a TV personality saying what he thinks his audience want to hear him say. Warning: Bill has a potty mouth.

4) Grunge music during mass. That's right. GRUNGE MUSIC. The teen mass in my parish played what I would call a "slow ballad written by Curt Cobain if he were alive." It was pretty awful, even though I know the teenagers meant no offense by it. This happened quite a while ago and I've not had the chance to hear the music they're performing these days. I think these kids were just in desperate need of a good choir director.

5) Christian Fundamentalism: Perhaps the most disturbing component of this methodology is their inherent anti-Catholic bigotry. Time after time I see uneducated preachers print an essay or stand in from of their flock (on television) spewing lies about the Catholic Church. As a matter of fact, these pulpiters can't even tell or don't know the truth about themselves! The Protestant preachers manning these rouge churches haven't had any formal theological training of any kind. They just pick-up the Bible and preach their own interpretation of what they read. Here's a new term their congregation should cozy up to: stillborn Christianity.

6) Sister Donna Quinn- A nun who volunteers her time escorting clients into an abortion clinic. Isn't that lovely? An individual who supposedly consecrated her life to God, now working earnestly to help terminate the most vulnerable beings of our society. I can't help but sometimes wish for a hell infinitely worse than the hell depicted in the most horrific of horror movies.

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Terry Nelson said...

I'm so glad I tagged you - yep - I'm against that stuff too.